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SourceDiscerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, March 8, 2017

In modern times, information is everything. It is the sum total of our entire sensory experience within nature and the artificial world. It composes our DNA and allows life in its countless forms to exist. It is our knowledge base and means of communication, and through it we better ourselves—opening our minds to greater levels of consciousness. In essence, information in its countless forms, is the foundation of life.

The Anatomy of Propaganda – Examining Multiple Tactics of Psychological Manipulation in Media Today

This fundamental nature of information reveals the importance of accuracy within information and its exchange. Whether we are speaking to a friend, catching up on recent world developments, or buying a house, accuracy in communication is vital. This importance especially exists with regard to the media we frequent, as the mass media functions as the central hub and distributor of information from around the globe.

A functional, competent and independent media is an essential component of a free world. This ideal of an honest and impartial system of information distribution can ensure that a society remains healthy, balanced, and knowledgeable. But is this impartial and fair media the state of our present corporate media as so many tend to assume? Let’s find out.

The Illusion of Unanimity

The title of this section sort of gives the answer away, but let’s not jump to conclusions. Instead we will examine the structure of the corporate world (according to corporate sources themselves) and as we do, we will discover that the state of our current mass media is significantly complex.

CNN Retracts their Own “Fake News” as Americans Label them Least Trusted Cable News Network

While taking a critical look at our media on a national level, we find a few surprising facts. There are clearly thousands of companies. However, when viewing the true ownership of these companies, an entirely new dynamic to the situation is revealed. Below is a graphical study (miniaturized) published by Business Insider detailing the extent of the interrelated nature of today’s media. (Click below the image for the full-sized graphic.)

Full-Sized Image – These 6 Corporations Control 90% of The Media In America

According to the study by Business Insider, out of all of the thousands of choices of media sources we believe ourselves to have, there are only six actual companies. These six companies control a whopping 90 percent of all the information we receive through corporate media. This does not represent the balance and forthrightness a free society demands. In such a corporate climate, countless inconsistencies may spring up without anyone even realizing it.

These inconsistencies would not be represented in the information itself. On the contrary, the information such a media conglomerate communicates would appear very consistent and contiguous. Such a media conglomerate could produce such a convincing collection of information from a small number of fictitious sources over a broad range of topics that this information could easily be mistaken as true, unanimous and fair. This fictitious form of media could replace true information with any media distortion they chose depending upon what the latest corporate and/or political agenda might be. This is, in fact, what has taken place.

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