Treason Doesn’t End Well.

They used social media systems as controlled opposition with followers and likes.

It was manipulated in a way that they could purchase their own followers. Creating the illusion of a huge following on an account, the system created it’s own currency – followers.

The game they play is creating the illusion that they have such a huge following, this tricks you into thinking they are legitimate, similar to a blue checkmark.

The mind trick was done with nanotechnology and patents on the nervous systems.

President Trump Put Them FRONT And CENTER For The World To See.

You’ll see them on Twitter, Gab. WeGo Etc. – They post similar sentence structured messages, always have a one way messaging system (le. Democrats Vs Republicans) – Read their messages and comments and understand – THEY are playing a game.

They are the Clowns In America, previously controlling and shaping your thoughts.

Treason Doesn’t End Well.

Hang Em

High Noon

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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