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Senator Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has been sworn in as new President of the Republic of the United States on Monday. Meaning power has peacefully transitioned from former President Obama and Vice President Biden simultaneously as they resigned. This is why Ryan was so hesitant about being named Speaker of the House (3rd in line to the Presidency). He was hand picked by Chinese Family Elders.

General Joseph Dunford will be Ryan’s new acting Vice President. Both are operating from inside the White House at this hour after movers physically transitioned administrations over the weekend. A formal announcement is forth coming by President Ryan announcing all administrative changes.
This event will trigger a 5 day redemption period for private group and Internet group redemptions (800#s) followed later in March by a month long public redemption. Currently, large and existing bank clientele are exchanging 24 hours a day in off site bank redemption locations.
Both the RV and Republic are now active on American soil… and world history being made in real time.

Gepubliceerd op 21 mrt. 2016

This child trafficking report is about 6 children gang raped and murdered in the basement of the White House Friday the 18th. These children were raped 46 times by 26 males, including Obama, Biden, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Rupert Murdock, 3 FOX NEWS Execs, 2 Army Special Ops males named Travis and Trevor, 6 new directors of the CIA, NSA, Attorney General, and 3 new Vatican criminals.
#1 4yr Sumerian boy murdered by Obama, #2 4yr Jordanian girl murdered by O’Malley, #3 5yr N Korean girl murdered by Biden, #4 5yr N Korean boy murdered by Trevor, #5 4 yr Syrian boy murdered by Sanders, and a 4 yr old Syrian girl murdered by Obama.
On Sunday between 4-6pm Obama, Biden and the 6 military males mentioned +1 more, and 4 CEO’S including Cargill, Aerostar, and 2 others, were all atrested by Procynians (Humans from Procyon)
Also 2 killed at the FBI, more details to follow.
Thanks so much for your help!