23 ITEMS from 11/25/2017

Source: Project SPEAK

 The information below was shared with me a little less than a year ago. It was made “public” so there should be no issue with sharing it. I cannot verify the sources for this report, but I can verify that most of it is accurate. I have removed the name of the individual who posted it because the only person I could find who had the same name was a Police Chief who was suddenly found dead approximately two moths after this was posted.

I find it valuable from time to time to revisit the reports provided by well informed insiders. There are many details in this report that match accurate information I am familiar with. There’s other aspects of this report that I know were part of a very complicated PSYOPS perpetuated at the highest levels, thus deceiving even some of my then, most trusted sources.

Although the information is entertaining on some level I don’t do anything for pure entertainment purposes. There are lessons to be learned in everything we experience. I find that I get the most out of something when I make it available to others and learn from an alternate perspective.

Please feel free to share any valuable insights you may have in the comments section below.

Released on Facebook:
November 25, 2017

**** ******* writes…….
Jarmantown, NC ·

“The U.S. Marines raided the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia, this past weekend. That’s what Tom Heneghan, an international intelligence expert, and Stew Webb, a Federal whistleblower/writer, reported in this Tuesday, November 21, 2017 citizen journalist Glenn Canady video. The Marines raiding the CIA corroborates what citizen journalist April LaJune initially reported on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

The Marines retrieved a lot of evidence implicating well known politicians of embezzlement, election rigging, identity fraud, assassination plots, murders, domestic terrorism, and pedophilia. I’ve listed the following 23 ITEMS to pique your interest and summarize what’s happening:


ITEM 1: CIA headquarters has been raided, the FBI has been neutralized, and $35 trillion of U.S. Treasury embezzled funds have been recovered. About $100 trillion has been embezzled by the Bush’s and the Clinton’s.

ITEM 2: President Donald Trump reopened the President John F. Kennedy assassination files and George H.W. Bush was behind it. JFK autopsy photographs were falsified.-(from TANK: And nothing has been done about it since)

ITEM 3: The sexual harassment outings of all these members of Congress is a mainstream media distraction for what’s really going on (U.S. Marines raid CIA Headquarters and President Trump impose military martial law) behind the scene.

ITEM 4: Alex Jones of Infowars is a traitor and national security threat who is connected with a division of the Mossad, the State of Israel’s Secret Intelligence Service.

ITEM 5: Hillary Rodham Clinton has ordered the murders, through domestic assassination squads, of Ron Brown (Commerce Secretary), William Colby (Director of Central Intelligence), Vince Foster (Deputy White House Counsel), and John F. Kennedy Jr. (son of assassinated President John F. Kennedy) — and others.

ITEM 6: Then-Republican Presidential candidate Trump was right that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was implicated with Lee Harvey Oswald.

ITEM 7: California Rep. Adam Schiff, Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, former White House Chief of Staff for US President Barack Obama, are connected with the Mossad. Both Schiff and Emmanuel are pedophiles.

ITEM 8: Barack Obama was born in Kenya and the former President has committed identity fraud. Obama should be arrested for identity fraud.

ITEM 9: Sen. Cruz is a Canadian citizen who faked his birth certificate to become U.S. Senator and has committed identity fraud. Cruz should be arrested for identity fraud.

ITEM 10: President Trump has got the file of every journalist (e.g. Anderson Cooper [CNN/CBS], Chris Matthews [MSNBC], Wolf Blitzer [CNN] and possibly Alex Jones [InfoWars]) that’s on the CIA payroll.

ITEM 11: The U.S. Marines removed computers from CIA headquarters this past weekend.

ITEM 12: They now have proof and evidence that Hillary Rodham Clinton has committed election fraud, treason and sedition. She’s a drug dealer. She’s committed mass murders. She’s murdered people at the State Department as murder for hire scheme. -(from Tank-Although this seems to be common knowledge and ignored as conspiracy theory, I can verify that it’s definitely true. There are currently unenforced sanctions levied by the United Nations against Hillary Clinton and others for Genocide and crimes against humanity.

The Clintons had found a way to purchase certain financial security codes that allowed them to have access to billions of people’s bank accounts all over the world. My theory is that this gave the Clinton’s leverage that has allowed them to evade criminal charges. However, recent activity by Kim-Possible, the Trustee and Comptroller for the Manna World Holding Trust has neutralized the Clinton’s and their Cyber-Security companies from accessing these accounts. It would seem that when the proper authorities realize this has happened then perhaps they will charge the Clinton’s with solid evidence they’ve had in their possession for years.)

ITEM 13: Bill Plante, who retired as a CBS News correspondent in November 2016, confirmed that JFK was shot from the front, Tennessee Sen./Democratic President candidate Al Gore actually won the 2000 election, and the whole 9/11 terrorist attack was rigged. Plante said none of this will be reported because reporters are afraid for their lives.

ITEM 14: This country will not have a deficit once protocols are implemented. $100 trillion comes in, $35 trillion goes right into the U.S. Treasury, and there’s a $15 trillion surplus. We can cut taxes, rebuild the military, create a great infrastructure program for this country, and Donald Trump will go down as the greatest President since Ronald Reagan.

ITEM 15: George H.W. Bush tried to assassinate President Reagan three times during Reagan’s eight-year presidency.

ITEM 16: “Daddy Bush” (and Hillary Clinton) have also tried to assassinate President Donald Trump seven times. And Bush, throughout the years, has been involved with 25 assassination plots against other major political figures — specifically congress members and senators.

ITEM 17: If Gore had taken office and the Bush’s weren’t able to steal the election, there was a plot to remove Gore and put Vice President candidate Al Lieberman as President.

ITEM 18: There’s a coverup involving California Rep. Maxine Waters and the Blue Moon Bank in Thailand.

ITEM 19: The November 3, 2017 Rene Boucher assault on anti-war/pro-life Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was attempted murder, “that guy [Boucher] was chipped,” because Paul knows too much and he can’t be controlled.

ITEM 20: A reporter in a major network was going to break a story — which he is sitting on to this day — that the government contacted orphanages around the country and paid these orphanages to transport orphans to Washington D.C.; so Dick Cheney and George H.W. Bush and other pedophiles (e.g. Barney Frank) could pick out the kids they wanted to have sex with. Then they took those kids to parties. Hookers were present at these parties. Congress members were drugged and photographs were taken of politicians and these orphans in sexually compromising positions. A huge portion of Congress was (and now is) controlled through blackmail.-(from Tank-This was well researched and documented by People Magazine but never released.)

ITEM 21: When the U.S. Marines raided the CIA buildings, they recovered pre-9/11 terrorist attack financial transactions, insurance documents, plus other papers. All these documents are now in possession of U.S. Marine intelligence.

ITEM 22: The State of Wisconsin, the Federal Reserve, and former (from 2001-2005) Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson were involved with theft of trillions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker should turn over everything he has or he will be subpoenaed.

ITEM 23: California Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered a pedogate investigation of his own party, involving California Rep./Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Sen. Kamala”