The Pillar and Post Revisited

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Pernicious Disinformation and confusion is ruining this entire country and the effort to restore its rightful government. Only you can make the needed difference.

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The American People as a whole must wake up and educate themselves and take appropriate action to disentangle the web of lies and “legal presumptions” that have been used to enslave us and then, must take appropriate political action.

But what is the “appropriate” political action above and beyond reclaiming your birthright estate and Good Name? There are groups springing up like mushrooms and while many groups have good intentions, many do not.

There are two principal groups that are promoting agendas that would be disastrous for our country, both very well-funded and also— foreign: British Territorial Templars vs. French Templars.

They are both Templar groups, all worship Satan, all are steeped in gross deceit. It’s the Old Choice. Would you prefer Vanilla Feces or Chocolate Feces?

This goes back thousands of years and was enshrined in Solomon’s Temple. Solomon was a Ba-El worshiper, too. He worshiped an entire Pantheon of Demons, including Ba-al, the Chief Demon.

And what did his Temple famously display? The two pillars — Joachim and Boaz, which symbolize the modus operandi of Satan and Satanism: False Choices.

You can eat of the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life….
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

You can have Bubonic Plague or Cholera…. which do you prefer?
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

A war in the Middle East or a war in Eastern Europe?
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

You can hate each other because of skin color or because of religious doctrine — which do you prefer?
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

You can be undermined by Democrats or Republicans? Which brand of selfish incompetent nastiness would you prefer?
(Answer: Neither one, thanks.)

It’s all predicated on “when did you stop beating your wife?” logic.

With Vanilla Feces you get the Queen operating as Her Britannic (Satanic) Majesty while pretending to be a Christian. You get the Raj taxing you for salt that comes from the sea for free. You get brutal oppression wrapped in a tea cozy.

With Chocolate Feces you get the French Republic operating our country as a Territorial “Republique”– just take a look at what the French people endure and the scourge of Muslim invasion against a Christian nation and figure this out, please.

These people are all Ba-El worshipers. They all hate Christians and hate Christian nations. The only difference is that the Talmudic Madmen at the very top of the pyramid hate everyone equally, while their minions below still have to be deceived to follow along using catch-all labels like “National Security Concerns” and lies like the “National Debt” to ensure their complicity.

So they are doing their usual schtick and lining you all out with two bad choices—- the Same Old Same Old British Bunko enforced by the Roman Inquisition (Internal Revenue Service) or the French Republique also enforced by the Roman Inquisition (IRS).

Take your pick.

Or not.

There are other choices, like minding your own shop and exercising self-governance, educating yourself about your birthright freedoms and responsibilities, correcting your own political status records, operating your lawful government to straighten out and “reconstruct” the Federal Government you are owed…..

This is an option, too, one that you control. And its a Good Choice — one with real ice cream and a cherry on top.

But you have to recognize the Bad Choices and the Satanic Either/Or False Choice Set Up or you will be confused and not know who or what to believe and be wandering around like sheep “from pillar to post”. Literally.

Whenever you see anything about “Kim” or “Reno” or “North Carolina” you know that it is the French Templars. Whenever you see anything about Canada or China, etc., you know it is the British Templars.

And when you see glimpses of Spain and Greece, you will know that you are seeing the real power players, rooted in places nobody suspects.

You must learn to know your true Enemies — the Haters from El Caziri — the Black Magicians who promote perpetual war, whose entire belief system is rooted in duality, false choices, and conflicts. You must recognize their organizations — the Bar Associations and “Secret Fraternities” established all over the world.

You must also realize that the Talmud is not born of the Torah nor does it come to us from Judah, just like the Six Pointed “Star of David” has nothing to do with Judah or Judaism, either.

This is the sign and emblem of two members of the Ancient Caste of Merchants having sex, each represented by an Equilateral Triangle.

The remnant of the Ancient Caste of Merchants is who runs Israel and also who set up the Holocaust.

They are Aryans (from the star system of Orion) not native to the Earth at all. And they marry each other in a vain effort to preserve their alien gene pool, not because of any religion.

If this is shocking to you, well, read your Bible. I am told that Americans have more Bibles than the whole rest of the world combined. I am also told that nobody reads them. They just sit on the bookshelves and bedside tables gathering dust.

You, my Readers, are especially blessed, because you have the benefit of our research and have the tools to figure out the “who is who” and the “what is what” in the midst of the Maelstrom these vicious enemies of Mankind have created.

But you are especially tasked, too — to get this information out to all who will listen and benefit and take appropriate action, and to support the effort with might and main, with prayers and pennies, with — as the Founders put it: “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor”.

There are enough Christian and enough sane countries left in the world to ensure that we have a choice. They are backing our efforts diplomatically, and if necessary, will intervene in other ways. But we must make the effort to educate ourselves and get our lawful government restored and operating — and nobody can do that “for” us.

We have to take the responsibility and do the work ourselves.


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