Which “Supreme Court”?

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The thing calling itself the “Supreme Court” and squatting like a corpulent spider in the middle of Washington, DC, is self-evidently not our Supreme Court and everyone who has been reading my articles should know that by now, but let’s review.

The way the judicial system was set up was this:

One Supreme Court for the States. This Court was called: The Supreme Court of The United States of America. It functioned entirely in international jurisdiction and decided cases in that jurisdiction for the States of the Union.

This Court was established at Philadelphia, having retained all powers in all jurisdictions of the Law — air, land, and sea — as the final Arbiter of all questions that could arise among the States. This was meant to truly be a Supreme Court for the States to iron out their differences and decide issues in international jurisdiction affecting all of them.

Once the Constitutions were adopted, some of the functions of The Supreme Court of the United States of America were shunted off to a new court, The Supreme Court of the United States, which was tasked with ruling on issues arising out of the Federal exercise of the “Delegated Powers”.

So after 1787 we were left in the inane position of having two “Supreme Courts” — one for “Non-Delegated” issues arising under the Non-Delegated Powers, one for “Delegated” issues arising under the Delegated Powers.

Sometimes “split jurisdiction” cases would arise and both courts would have to rule on different aspects of the same case.

It was, admittedly, cumbersome and failed the original idea of having a Supreme Court, but there was (and is) no alternative that adequately addresses the Schism that occurred once the Constitutions were adopted and our Powers in International Jurisdiction were split into “Delegated” and “Non-Delegated” functions.

Exactly what happened to The Supreme Court of The United States of America and how The Supreme Court of the United States usurped upon it and morphed into The United States Supreme Court is one of the best-kept secrets in this whole maze of lies and obfuscations.

Maybe it was accomplished with nothing more than another semantic deceit.

Maybe they just substituted the Territorial Court dba “The Supreme Court of the United States of America” for our Supreme Court dba “The Supreme Court of The United States of America” —- the same way they substituted their States of States doing business as the “State of Georgia” for our States of State doing business as “The State of Georgia”.

This has yet to be thoroughly unraveled. We know that it happened and we know approximately when it happened; the details are murky, but the results are not.

After the Civil War the Federal entities that were left minding the store — the Territorial and Municipal Governments — formed “The United States Supreme Court” and it has been that way with a few variations ever since.

So that “Supreme Court” in Washington, DC which has been accorded such veneration and power actually has nothing to do with us or with our States of the Union. It’s entire importance is to act as an Arbiter of the constitutional contracts and interpret those for the Territorial and Municipal United States and their foreign “citizenry”.

And now that both the Municipal and Territorial United States corporations are in bankruptcy, there is nothing to interpret. The Constitutions have been vacated except for our contracts with the Indian Nations which enclosed the constitutional contracts –and all the Delegated Powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.

Judge Kavanaugh and Mr. Trump could both be spared the spectacle of fighting with these skunks, because the “prize” has already moved on: we moved the cheese.

“The United States Supreme Court” no longer has any function or Office, aside from deciding whatever squabbles arise between us and our Native Corporation service providers.

It’s The Supreme Court of The United States of America that is accepting viable nominations.


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