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Goedemorgen folks,


Een nieuwe dag met nieuwe kansen, sta jij open voor vernieuwing en durf je het oude zo bekende los te laten en een stap in het onbekende te zetten of ben je zo vast geroest dat je het niet aan durft en bang bent het bekende te verliezen.

Zie het alsof je te horen krijgt dat je een chronische ziekte hebt en van nu af aan alles wat je altijd op die ene bepaalde manier gedaan hebt die zo vertrouwd is, los dient te laten en zo alles op een nieuwe, andere manier moet doen. Je wereld zal even op zijn kop staan maar heb vertrouwen in jezelf dan gaat het vanzelf goed komen.

Geloof me maar want ik spreek uit eigen ervaring.

Of het is dat je de nieuwe weg inslaat zonder je familie als voor heen om je los te maken van de beperkingen die zij je bewust/onbewust opleggen en hun in onvoorwaardelijke liefde achter laten en zonder wrok en dankbaar voor alles wat ze voor je gedaan hebben dat is heel belangrijk, (zij lopen een weg die ik niet loop , ik ga links af en zij rechtdoor) zo zal het vanaf vandaag zijn, het losmaken van oude energieën die je in een wurggreep hielden en dan de toekomst tegemoet kijkend en gaan met die gene die je na staan en je onvoorwaardelijk lief hebben en je zelf laten zijn, net zoals jij hun. Geen vieze zware energieën meer in huis en om je heen of waarmee ze je aanvallen/belagen.

Maar vrijheid.

In mijn geval slapen de schapen nog heel hard in mijn familie en lopen rondjes, als volledig wakkere is dat een mooi schouwspel. Maar op den duur vermoeiend om hen met bepaalde uitspraken niet telkens tegen het hoofd te stoten hahahahaha.

Dit gebeurt de komende tijd heel veel om ons heen “go with the flow”.

Houd er rekening mee als je dit doet, het door je familie als verraad wordt gezien en ze je van alle kanten zwart proberen te maken. Dat is het niet, je kiest voor jezelf zonder die opgelegde familiare verbindingen die je diep van binnen al lang hebt gevoeld, maar niet durfde aan te pakken of  je wist niet hoe. Doe wat voor jou gevoel goed aanvoelt en stap in het onbekende, het nieuwe. Er is altijd licht aan het einde van de tunnel.

Hoop dat hen die hetzelfde ondergaan hier iets aan hebben,


May the force be with you, my friends.


Teut en Soline uit de strip Suske en Wiske tekening van Willy Vandersteen





Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – December 11, 2015


Much is happening on your Earth at this time, most of which is out of sight so that you have little if any knowledge as to what is taking place. A fierce confrontation is occurring between the Light and dark Ones who are rapidly losing their influence. Gradually long suppressed inventions or advancements are coming into being, with those Light Beings involved sometimes risking their lives to be successful. However, they cannot stem the flow and the Light is lifting up all over the world. With an increase in the level of your consciousness, more souls than ever are suddenly becoming aware of how for centuries they have been misled. Time has virtually stood still as the dark Ones have ensured that new inventions that would have lifted you up, have been held back. Be assured that it can only be a temporary delay, as you are destined to leap ahead before this present cycle ends.

Once you start to benefit from new technologies the need to spend most of your time earning a living will slowly change. Inventions that take the drudgery out of life are waiting to be made known, and once they are in use you will also become more independent. Prosperity will ensure that all will benefit from the changes, and poverty will become a thing of the past. Until now the wealth of the world has been in the hands of a small minority who have purposely kept you in state of need, so that you are dependent upon them. This situation is already changing but it will take time before you feel the benefits. The wealth of the world will be fairly spread amongst the people according to their needs. The time of the “haves” and the “have nots” will pass and greed will not be tolerated. It will not however remain a problem as in time the rising vibrations will only allow those souls to rise up, who are ready to be part of a new society based on fairness and equality.

If you have any concerns regarding your place in the future, have no fear as each soul will find itself exactly at the right level. Not even one can elevate themselves to a higher level than their vibrations allow. It means that all of those who have imprisoned you upon the Earth for millennia of time, will also go to a level that is consistent with their lower vibrations. They will no longer be able to interfere with your soul progress, and will face lessons that they need to return to the Light. All works out in an absolutely fair manner, as God still holds all souls in his loving embrace.

You have been through many trials and tribulations, and tested to the limit but never more than you could handle. You are so much stronger for your experiences, and will be able to handle the types of problems that you will encounter when you volunteer to help souls trapped in the lower vibrations. The joy of being able to help others who are struggling to find their way home, will make all of your efforts worthwhile and rewarding.

You are already preparing for your festive celebrations, and the happy expectations of giving and receiving gifts from family and friends. Each time the feeling of love spreads hope and high expectations for the future, even when around you there is the threat of negative activity that is meant to cause panic and fear. Stay peaceful and your presence when amongst other people will bring about a calming effect. It is no better illustrated than by taking part in a relaxing meditation, and in a group where the power is strongly felt and is so much more evident.

Already you are finding that the rising vibrations are bringing changes in the animal kingdom, and the most unusual friendships are being made. Animals are befriending those that are normally hunted by them, and it will spread as more examples will be recorded. Eventually they will not hunt each other for food, and was it not prophesied that “the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb”.it is the start of changes that will gradually spread far and wide. Even the Human Race will eventually change and as vibrations lift will no longer feel the need to eat animal meat. However, for the present the majority of souls still eat such foodstuffs to satisfy their bodies needs.

In time you will eat less as your energy source will be around you, and you will draw from it naturally. Although many do not have a recollection of being in the higher vibrations, those who do will know that you draw energy from all around you. In your higher vibrating body you will need very little in the way of food such as you are used to on Earth. Some of you will have learnt that the dimension that you call the Summerland, is where most souls find themselves immediately after leaving their physical body. Where souls have had a different experience, it should be pointed out that it is due to the power of thought. What you expect to experience immediately after death largely depends on your expectations or desires. If you believe that there is nothing that is how it will be until you become aware that it is different to your expectations, and awaken to the activity around you.

You must be open minded and prepared to accept that life after death, may be quite different to what you have been led to expect. Those with strong religious beliefs will initially find things as they believed, but quite soon it will dawn upon them that they are not quite what they were expecting. Meeting loved Ones, relatives or friends will soon dispel any doubts as to the truth, but bear in mind that it is the power of thought that makes things what they are and why there is so much difference. For that very reason you will not want for anything, and find that what is around you is very familiar and like your Earth experiences.

Obviously your Earth experiences are real and it is you who have created what you find around you. It is so different to your existence in the higher vibrations, and in all respects much more acceptable. Exactly what you experience depends on the level you find yourselves at as there are marked differences between them. It is very unlikely that souls of a lower vibration would seek the information being given, and their experiences could lead them into the darker levels where there is a less Light. Be assured that those of you who are of the Light need have no fear at all as to where you may find yourselves. It is the lack of Light that takes you to the lower levels that can appear as almost total darkness.

As the end of this cycle draws near, and matters on Earth come to their conclusion, it will be difficult to determine what is really going on. However, much effort is being put in to stop the activities of the dark Ones from interfering with your release from them. Major achievements are very near and notable progress can be expected very soon. You have patiently awaited some significant advancement and as a result of the effort that is being put in, there are even possibilities of important announcements being made very soon.

I am Mike Quinsey and bring these messages through my Higher Self as requested by St. Germain. They are sent with Love and Blessings to all souls.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light