By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I told everyone that the “mountain moving” has begun. So it has.

Most of the criminality that has infested this country has been built around one central lie — the idea that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people was in “interregnum” — a polite fancy way of saying “on pause”, not functioning, in-between periods of activity and leadership— for the past 150 years.

When a Pope dies and the conclave of Cardinals come together to choose a new leader, the Holy See is in “interregnum”.

So the rest of the world has, as Karen Hudes said months ago, considered our lawful government to be “in interregnum”.

We, the sovereigns of the land jurisdiction of The United States of America might come back and might not. Meantime, our servants running the Territorial United States (military) and Municipal United States (Washington, DC) settled in for a nice long session of eating our food and drinking our wine and sleeping in our beds and generally running amok with our credit cards.

That presumption can now no longer stand.

Please see attached.

By their own rules, the cards have been called. And they lose.


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