Why people cannot see what is Really going on in this world!!!

First, they lack discernment. Why??? Most are in the grips of one religion or another. If there are so many religions, which one is right/correct??? Why, mine of course!! What were you thinking???

Christianity – 33,000 variants: http://www.philvaz.com/apologetics/a106.htm

Islam – depends on what variant means – it will not take you long to verify that there are at least 2000 variants – far, far more if you insist on making “finer’ distinctions as in the above link.

And so it continues with Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and many, many more belief systems.

So which is the one, true religion??? Clearly, for most people, the answer is MINE. This question about religion is almost as silly as the question: “What is the one true, correct and genuine tree???

When you accept that this is a problem, for you personally, and you go digging deeply into history, you will eventually come to the conclusion that each major religion was created by men (or more likely by Dracos) for the specific purpose of programming us, enslaving us, in order to control us. How??? When you control the way/what a person thinks, they lose the capacity to be objective. They can then never arrive at the truth.


Second, these following characteristics of “truth” seem to elude people:

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

“Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” – W. Clement Stone

Many people, when they run into these obstacles to arriving at the truth, just plain “give up”, and settle on something to believe in. Belief in something does not make it truth.


Third, when they encounter a truth, most people, including me, have difficulty in comprehending it, at least initially. Through thinking, study and experience with the potential item of “truth”, it will eventually yield understanding and mastery to you.

Years ago I read the statement “Everything in the world is upside down.” This was written by Idries Shah, a well-known Sufi writer.

A Sufi is an adherent of Sufism, which means “people of the way”. The definition of “real” Sufi & Sufism was always deliberately made vague, because most people seem to want such a tight definition of anything, that they distort it long before even beginning the understanding of it. Generically, Sufism falls into two types: real & false. The real contains an inner spiritual core designed to lead one to enlightenment. The false ones were mostly created by adherents who never mastered much of the material given them or who never even understood much of this inner core. They merely “parroted” the practices which they learned and this became a set of rituals exactly like the daily masses of various Christian religions: plenty of external form, yet almost devoid of spiritual content!!!

A very large number of false Sufis are of the Islamic faith. Most people think it is a branch or variant of Islam, because so many Muslims claim to be Sufis. A lesser number of the true Sufis are also of the Islamic faith. True Sufis may and will be of any faith. By those who are “true” Sufis, Christ is recognized (as is Mohammed) as a true Sufi. From my own experiences with/in true Sufism, I began reading works by many different Sufi authors, current and past. It took me years to fully understand that statement by Idries Shah – above in italics.

For example, take the recent national US outpouring of praise and mourning for the late John McCain. Look deeper. The man was a traitor, a member of the “cabal”. He was tried by a military tribunal, and actually executed for treason. (Good reason for the closed casket!!!) An excellent example of things upside down.



Since you “don’t know what you don’t know”, always keep an open mind. This is especially true when you hear, feel or see something which you immediately believe is untrue. At this point, people often dismiss the truth. After years of science and medicine labeling the appendix a “vestigial” organ, it was discovered that as food passed by the appendix, it sprayed fungicide on it.


If you wish to get past that inner voice which is always commenting on what you do, perhaps telling you are no good and belittling all your accomplishments, the book below should give you some insight…

Clement Stone and Napolean Hill were friends and colleagues. While Napoleon Hill wrote both “Think and Grow Rich” AND “Outwitting the Devil” in 1938, ~Think~ was published then, while ~Outwitting~ did not see the light of day until after 2012. Why? Religious biases and beliefs within his own family, especially his wife’s attitudes prevailed, and suppressed its publication until then.

[The entire book “Outwitting the Devil”, was recently online as a Youtube video; it is no longer available online due to a claim of copyright infringement.]

Hope you find this post useful and/or interesting. My love to all of you.

One Who Loves [a.k.a. Jimbabwe]