Senator Jeff Flake

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

As a private citizen, I do have the privilege to express my opinion. In my busy life I like to skim over events after they have happened and try to make sense of the meaning. Upon listening to the Kavanaugh Hearings, I noticed the peculiar behavior of Senator Flake after the absence of entering that elevator with those two strangers. ( Years ago I took my family to visit Washington D. C.; inside the Capital Building there are public elevators and there are elevators reserved for members only.)

1. Why were there strangers allowed on “members only” elevator?

2. Senator Flake’s security was severely compromised from those two strangers. Could it be possible that the senator knew these people? Were these two people associated with Soros and his group? Senator Flake claimed that he would vote in favor of Kavanaugh before he left the hearing room, was seen entering that elevator, and then was absent for approximately 30 minutes before returning to the hearing room. When he returned to the hearing room he changed his vote for Kavanaugh, but after an F.B.I. investigation. The F.B.I. had turned down the the investigation at least twice before the hearing. Why investigate now? All of this knowledge is pretty much known.

3. This has all the stuff for a bribery. Senator Flake has been primary-ed out of office, He might very well be still bitter about his loss. Being a RINO Republican. this maybe his act of revenge against POTUS. He might feel that since he is a lame duck senator that he will have nothing else to lose.