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I wanted to gain more clarity regarding “where” we are ascending to/into? So I decided to look a little closer and do some research regarding all of this. There are a lot of people talking about ascension and the choice to ascend however very little information is being shared regarding “where” exactly is ascension taking us.

Some people have described that the 4th dimensional reality is split in two, meaning that there is a lower and higher half and that we are currently transitioning into the higher part of the 4th density. However others speak very little about 4th density and only speak about 5D.

Over the past several months I have been analyzing a lot of the information that is being shared and comparing it with the information I was getting and feeling from upstairs. The following is an accumulation of information I have gathered and received from the levels of my own Self and Melchizedek.

One of the main things that made it easier for me to comprehend the topic and aspects of ascension is to realize that ascension is multi-dimensional, just as WE are multi-dimensional Beings. Everything and everybody is multi-dimensional, so when referring to ascension this means that not everyone is currently ascending into the same level of reality. For example if someone physically ascended or left their physical body today they would goto the dimensional level of existence that aligns with their own level of consciousness vibration. Just as we move forward into the New Paradigm of Earth and the energies continue raise in vibration. Physical changes will become more apparent. People will find themselves within the vibrational level/space that aligns with their own vibrational level of consciousness.

Here is a way that is coming to me to describe the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional realities/densities. The 3rd dimension is “structured” and more physical in nature compared to the 4th dimension that is based more in emotion, “feeling”, creating and less dense. When we goto sleep and dream we enter the astral realms of the 4th dimension through our astral body. 3D is based more in the mental/masculine/structure and the 4th emotional/feminine/feeling. While our 5D embodiment includes/is the combination of both 3D and 4D.

Comparing the two:
3rd Density – 4th Density
Structured – Feeling & Creating
Masculine – Feminine
Mental – Emotional
Physical – Astral (dreamlike)

Now let’s look at the aspects of our physical body. Our left brain is tied into our mental body/masculine and the right brain is tied into the emotional body/feminine aspect of our Beingness. However what we don’t see with our physical 3D eyes is how our 4th and 5th dimensional energetics are tied into our physical 3D body. We have a whole grid work of energetics that makes up our 4th and 5th dimensional bodies, such as the chakras, nadi’s, light bodies, ect. As we go through the process of Self Mastery/en-lighten-ment of the different aspects of the Self. We activate the grid work that connects us with the expanded levels of our 4th and 5th dimensional levels of our Multi-Dimensional Beingness. As we are going through the process of integrating/activating/mastering both aspects of our mental and emotional levels of the Self. The essence of our IAM God Self which has no gender begins to be embodied. You could relate this to the Divine Balance of our God Self/masculine and feminine aspects within physical form (5D embodiment). As we activate our dormant DNA through our conscious expansion. The energetics of our 5D Light body/Merkaba naturally becomes activated/embodied. Now compare this information to what I mentioned above regarding the aspects of 3D and 4D reality. By going through the process of mastering the 3rd and 4th dimensional levels of ourself. We are at the same time naturally merging/integrating with our 5D Self. Which therefore aligns us with the energetic vibrational level of 5D reality/density. Coming from the aspect of our IAM Presence we continue to send/descend pieces/aspects of ourselves (souls) through the reincarnation process of 3D/4D life. Until we have mastered these levels or fulfilled our desire to learn or experience these dimensional levels of reality. So all in all the 3rd and 4th dimensional levels of reality are extensions of physical reality that WE on an IAM Presence level experience life “through”. When aspects of ourself have not completed the journey of experiencing all that there is to experience within the 3D/4D realms we continue till all is fulfilled. What I have described here may sound a little technical but In essence this is the science of spirituality.

So moving on to the topic of where is ascension taking us? A few months ago I shared some information on a youtube video regarding the “Waves of Ascension ~ The Collective Transformation“. From the way I see it each wave has different options/possibilities for which dimensional level of existence the person on that wave can ascend into. Ascension in itself is not something that is separate from us. Everyone on Earth to some degree is already participating in the ascension, however to what degree depends on everyone’s individual choices and is also tied into the will of their IAM Presence. Some people/souls might have chosen and want to hold onto the 3D ways of living. Therefore these people will eventually find themselves on a Earth like planet that exists within another part of the Galaxy. The other planet that I am speaking of seems to have a lot of the same characteristics of Earth. The people/souls that transition to this planet will be able to incarnate into new 3D physical bodies and continue to play out more karmic and separation games. Until they condition/evolve/master their own levels of consciousness to be able to live in harmony and balance within the expanded levels of reality/vibrations. However there will come a time where the people/beings/souls on this planet will go through another scenario like we are going through now on planet Earth. The reason is literally everything within our Universe and galaxy is ascending, so however long it is to this point in time, all will be ascending home into the expanded levels of reality at some point. No-thing can escape ascension. The reason why these souls/people will be transported to the other planet is Mother Earth is ascending into a higher energetic form herself. At some point the energetic environment that we currently perceive as Earth will be a 5D reality.

The level for which someone has physically integrated and activated their divine IAM embodiment/God Self blueprint, (5D Self) determines the degree of Light Quotient/vibration they can sustain. The degree of Light we are able to hold/vibrate at determines what we align with energetically, regarding going into 4th, 5th or the beyond dimensional realities. From what I am seeing and what some people may be describing as higher 4th dimensional reality may actually be 5D. However there is no way to tell exactly because not everyone experiences reality in the same ways. The example that is coming to me to describe this is think of and look at what we have experienced in 3D. Not everyone experiences 3D reality in the same way. There are a multitude of ways of experiencing and perceiving 3D reality. From what I am getting is the same goes for the 4th and 5th dimensional realities/densities. Just because someone experiences or perceives the 4th or 5th dimensional realities in “one way” does not mean that everyone else will experience things in the same way.

Over the years when I have analyzed information regarding ascension. The answers and information I would receive back were not always clear. What I have found is that when I receive information that is not clear, one possibility is my question is too broad and not specific enough to get a clear answer back. The second possibility would be that the answer is more complex than I can consciously comprehend at the time. I see now that the questions I had regarding ascension into 4th and 5th dimensional realities were both of these scenarios, I was not asking specific enough questions and in addition the information I was receiving back was too complicated for me to comprehend at the time. One of the main reasons why I was not able to comprehend the information was my awareness/processing was still partially based in linear time. Meaning in order to better comprehend the information my multi-dimensional awareness had to be functioning to some degree in order to see/comprehend the information that is “multi-dimensional” in nature. This is where connecting with your IAM Presence, Self Mastery and Empowerment is key to the ascension process. The integration of our multi-dimensional awareness (IAM Presence) is just that, a process. It requires the participation and willingness of the soul to Master the space for which it exists within.

A few points to consider:

~ One big thing regarding ascension is “nothing” is set in stone. The direction or path that we are on individually or collectively can change in a split second. We all may take different paths and some may take a little longer than others, but eventually everyone will find their way back home to the Source of All That Is.

~ Even though most people have not consciously come to realize it, we have already completed a stage of our collective ascension in December of 2012. WE ARE the waves ascension and all is moving forward. In addition just because we experience a change it doesn’t mean that anything is ending. In many ways the changes we are going through on planet Earth and within the Universe are only the beginning of something new!

~ Letting go is the way to go! By mastering our fears and letting go of our perceptions of separation that we are holding onto. Be it religious beliefs that create fear within us when other choices are presented to us or where these beliefs create views of separation with other people in the world. These perceptions and beliefs actually create an energetic barrier within the body that limits the expanded energies of love from flowing freely through the levels of our consciousness. When we say let go, it means letting go of of these restricting beliefs, fears, anger, judgment, disempowerment and victimhood that are held onto consciously. It is through the actions of letting go more expanded knowingness, en-lighten-ment will be experienced. As the saying goes you cannot expect different results in your life by continuing to live through the same patterns. Change your focus and you will change your life. We cannot expect to experience the new until we release the old.

So now looking again at the question of “Where is Ascension taking Us”? Ascension is taking us to the place that we align with energetically and we will feel comfortable within. Not everyone may feel comfortable with transitioning into a 5th dimensional environment “at this time” and this is OK. There is no judgmental God that holds us within a dimensional level of existence. WE are our own judge and create the experiences that we will live life through tomorrow and in lifetimes to come.

Lastly, take of this information what aligns with your own heart truth. I have described things to the best of my ability at this time. May it assist you on your own path and journey. Experience the truth for yourself. Live in the freedom of your own heart knowingness. It is through this we will all find our way. : )

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Joe is a teacher and intuitive life Coach. He offers a wealth of free information on healthy living, meditation, personal transformation, ascension and the metamorphosis we are currently experiencing on Earth through his YouTube channel and web site, thedivinebalance.com. Joe is devoted to his work of offering tools and resources that assist with humanity’s transition into the New Paradigm of Earth.

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Namaste and Infinite love to all,
Joe Weaver