Gerelateerde afbeelding

A Message for Starseeds
By Vidya Frazier


Are you a Starseed? If you’re reading this, you likely are. If you get excited about ascension and are drawn to information about the Fifth Dimension – and you also feel you are here to assist humanity and the earth during these times of great transformation – you most definitely are.

As a Starseed, you may sense or even remember your home in an advanced civilization somewhere out in the stars, and you may at times get “homesick”, wanting to return there.

And yet, you also know you have come to Earth with a commitment to do whatever you can to bring greater Light, wisdom and love to assist the human race in its evolution. So you carry on, no matter how difficult it may be to do so at times.

You could have arrived here at any time in Earth’s history. You might have come thousands of years ago and continued to live here, lifetime after lifetime, evolving in human form – or this might actually be your first incarnation in a human body.

Either way, you are here now as part of a huge team of people across the planet, all waking up with the same commitment to help humanity make the enormous leap into the higher consciousness known as the Fifth Dimension.

Solar Eclipse Energies

Eclipses are intense times for starseeds. One opportunity for us to help make powerful progress in this endeavor is coming up during the full solar eclipse on August 21. As you’re probably aware, the energies are getting increasingly intense as we approach this date and make our way through the highly-charged time period since the lunar eclipse that occurred on August 7 and the “Lion’s Gate” on August 8.

Indeed, it seems to be a challenging period of time for most people on the planet; but for you as a Starseed, it may be even more difficult, as you may be carrying collective karma you’ve agreed on the Soul level to resolve, as well as your own.

It’s important to remember that, through divine plan, the energies streaming onto the planet now are here to disrupt and collapse all structures in the world that are corrupt and out of alignment with integrity and love. And they’re also serving to shake loose all emotions and belief patterns within us as individuals that are not in alignment with fifth-dimensional qualities.

Indeed, if we stay conscious, we can see that it’s a time in which we have an opportunity to make some important changes in our lives if we choose to meet the high vibration of the energies. Eclipses create an extraordinary opportunity to do this.

Your Light as a Starseed is Essential

Starseed meditations are powerful. In any case, it’s important to understand how essential you are in assisting humanity in the leap of consciousness the collective will be making. Your awareness, your love, your ability to hold Divine Light are all needed – especially at this time, as events begin to really heat up out in the world in so many different arenas. We may well be in for some serious rockin’ and rollin’ sometime soon.

Now is the time to increase your commitment to meditate and hold Light for the planet and everyone around you. If you can join in group meditations on August 21, it can be a very powerful way to contribute to humanity’s liberation.

To support you in your task as a Starseed, I have created this video to help you discover more and more clearly what is being asked of you during the times ahead.

Source: The Golden Light Channel