Vulnerable Self-disclosure Clarity

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

When we experience a trauma, shame co-creates more need to pretend to be separate, and when we speak clearly about a denied trauma later, we will, actually feel that Trauma again as it clears out of us to make Conscience-room for naming claiming, and dumping those old worn out continual-resentment feelings, all over again.

Another deeper level of re-experiencing old “Karmic lifetime feelings” all over again, takes on a whole higher Light-frequency Vibration nuance, directly from absolute unborn infinite Crystalline Universal Cosmic Light ID. After my vulnerable self-disclosures recently, There wasn’t a possible way to sleep through both complimenting ‘re-feelings’ so, as this lifetime personal experiences floated away, combined with Karmic lifetime’s feelings bubbling up from God knows herein, I seem as discombobulated, as I have ever personally experienced, both levels at the same time, ‘all over agains’ together.

More sincere gratitude prayers, and a whole lot of new deeper trust in Holy Spirit Light, performed more Well Being Light-exchange, than I have to admit I am used to. Even this treatise comes within a book now, called “Personal Experience”, to help me remember my, own inner experiences, and outer experiences too, and not, just this lifetime, but all lifetimes in ONE. I think one motive underlying this Book, “Personal Experience” is to dispel others who, only write about the most Newsworthy popular items already, instead of their own personal experiences within Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing Light.

Today I discover all those who were deferring to other’s experiences, instead of their own personal experiences have been my mirror-doubles all along without my realizing how much we don’t trust our own experiences, or because we don’t enjoy a sense of uncensored forgiveness nurturing miracles of Delight yet. Every day, lately alongside all these vulnerable self-disclosures, with matching ONENESS Clarity, strong miracles are appearing, as if I am being guided to follow Earth Ascension coordination ‘drain the swamp’ timeliness.

I am for~every~where grateful for, so many speaking the Truth of Love with vulnerable self-disclosure clarity too, because all my alters have been waking me up, right along with those brave souls who are Awakening together in spite of, so much damaging mind-control. From my perspective with so many alters to learn to care about, and Listen to with welcome affirming Delight, our shared Inner system matches up with the Collective outer system that, both have a lot to self-disclose the, more we will, all get Listened to with genuine regard.

No Wonder I get overwhelmed, yet it, all is an Ascension Wonder to me to, actually enjoy so much discombobulation, yet we realize many others may, already have become as discombobulated as anyone, who hasn’t realized becoming discombobulated is a ‘good thing’ when our minds can’t keep control over us ‘to do things the same way we have, always done’, and so control-freak badly, censor-really. Going back through lifetimes of personal body memories, all at once in combination with how that affects this lifetime, is fleeting, unlike when I first experienced ‘pee my pants’ traumas, so near to, so many cleverly imbedded Darwin-reptilian Alpha Bullies.

Now when I watch whole frightened groups acting strange, I just know they have gotten too close to a ‘piss our pants’ Reptilian-experience, and it feels better now to realize shame doesn’t come from peeing my pants, but from, almost getting sacrificed, when there is no adrenalized-blood doubt about their Horror-hungry Cannibal-intention. Right now it feels as if an abscessed poison tooth has, already been pulled, while it feels, so good to run my tongue in the hole where my Conscience had been replaced with what makes our addicted Collective so ‘pee our pants’ deaf-disregard Sacrifice-ashamed.

One Censor among millions can control, all others to stop self-disclosing with vulnerable clarity, but our Collective motive to censor-react, means we have many. The only reclamation explanation for so many to speak out the Truth must be from fear-prayed courage, combined with the whole Universe Listening so well we, hardly need affirmation from any Worldly anxiety ‘pee our pants’ Collective-starving helpless-source. Thank you anyone, and everyone for anything, and everything we can do to enlighten compassion for each other, instead of ignoring all the missing children, that never get to inspire us.