Voltage Cures Every Disease! Shocking Interview!

Thursday, June 14, 2018 18:22

Source: Before Its News

Voltage Is The Key To Health! How To Cure Anything! from Truth Warriorson Vimeo.

I admit my headline was a little corny but you clicked on it so it must have worked! Seriously, I got some great information I just found from a brilliant doctor named Jerry Tennant! This man is a genius when it comes to curing any condition with increasing your body’s voltage and giving it the raw materials it needs to rebuild itself cell by cell. God made us and when you listen to Dr. Tennant talk about how the body works, it’s truly awesome. Can you imagine how some silly people believe the Illuminati lie of evolution that says we evolved from a rock and some water! That’s like believing it’s possible for a tornado to go through a junk yard and assemble a perfectly working space shuttle!

You must listen to this important interview that was on Coast to Coast! Get this information out everywhere by Sharing using the links at the top. Remember each SHARE you do puts another nail in the coffin of this FAKE medical system that kills millions and steals trillions!

Let’s bring this fake medicine down together through networking with friends and family! Let’s pledge to not give any money to the fraud charities like the Cancer Society ever again! They’ve had the cures for cancer since the 60s but they take your money and laugh! Let’s pledge to never give the criminal Rockefellers M.D. system any more of our money because they suppress, lie and censor all information like what you’ll learn here! This information will will keep you healthy for a tiny fraction of their fake medicine that doesn’t work and never has worked!

John D. Rockefeller who created the modern M.D. medical system by giving millions to medical schools to give up their natural cures and push his poison pills! He never took a single one of his pharmaceutical pills! He used natural stuff like what you’ll learn here and laughed all the way to the bank at the suckers who got brainwashed by his fake media to take his garbage! He lived to 96 years old by avoiding the pills he sells everybody else! He used his Fake News, TV shows, movies and books to push the lie of taking pills makes you healthy! Tell everybody our medical system is the biggest SCAM in HISTORY and we’re DONE with it!

Here are some of the key points in the interview.

Inside cells we have a rechargeable battery system that provides energy for the enzymes to be produced. This is known as the ADP, ATP cycle. You need a certain voltage within the cells for this process to work properly. It’s like gasoline in your car’s engine. When your voltage level drops you get tired and your metabolism begins to shut down. If it drops further you get sick and if it drops really far, you get cancer!

Voltage in the cell determines if you’re are healthy or not.

Cancer exists when the body is at +30 mV. That’s a very low voltage!

Normal voltage is about -25 mV (the more negative the voltage the better)

If you get to -15 mV you’re really tired

When you drop to -10 mV you’re sick!

As your voltage in your cells drops Dr. Tennant says your oxygen level drops too! When the oxygen drops too much millions of bugs (viruses, bacteria and microbes) begin to wake up and they want lunch! You’re the lunch! These bugs put out digestive enzymes that dissolve your cells so they can get the nutrients out! These enzymes then get in your bloodstream and go all over your body and dissolve other cells. These enzymes can do things like scar your heart valves or your knee joints! It’s amazing how important it is to keep the voltage in your cells at a high level. Mitochondrial disease comes when your body’s voltage drops and when you have too many heavy metals like mercury. Your body never heals if your voltage is off.

Dr. Tennant says all chronic disease is caused by the inability to make new cells that work becuase your voltage is not at the right level! Even when your body is damaged, if you have good voltage and raw materials it will repair itself and heal any disease! He’s actually done this in his practice as an eye doctor! He’s made people’s vision get better in just a few days! This is the big secret you’re not supposed to know!

The Big Secret comes at the 28:00 minute mark! MUST see this part!

Near the end of the interview Dr. Tennant puts out a huge secret I just found out myself in the last month. Hey says there is this amazing stuff called Fulvic Acid which has the ability to remove heavy metals, radiation and solve all sorts of problems in your body! He says Fulvic acid also allows cell membranes to open so nutrition gets in and your cells increases their voltage! I believe Dr. Tennant is exactly right about this Fulvic acid because I’ve been taking it in my own Green Tea with Humic and Fulvic I used to spread more truth. I’ve noticed massive increases in energy and even an age spot on my hand fade by 90% in only a few weeks! Humic and Fulvic acid are amazing! This Fulvic secret is how Dr. Tennant is able to reverse eye diseases modern medicine says can’t be reversed! I think this is one of the best things you can do for your body!