Received via email from Yosef, also posted a few I missed from yesterday.


Timing.  Timing.  Timing.

That’s the whole ballgame today as we head into the weekend.

We were told last night that the Elders will NOT let another hurricane (Irma) reach the shores of the US without an RV, which would need to begin this weekend (Irma is expected next week in same area of Texas’ Gulf of Mexico shores).


Talk about urgency.

That’s why the Mueller investigation is suddenly picking up speed and heading towards dethroning the Orange Trumpet.


Presidential pardons will just not work on lawsuits brought forward in state jurisdictions versus federal.

But make no mistake, we believe Trump has long resigned (we’ve seen the actual resignation document in a screen shot).

Just as we have seen Paul Ryan’s signature as Commander and Chief on military orders in Iraq going back to January 2016.

Pence was put into place to pardon Trump and then either resign or simply not run in 2018, allowing Ryan to become the top Republican after the stormy Russian scandal cloud clears.


All off site redemption centers in Houston are either back up or have been rerouted to Dallas centers who have added the Houston staff.

Freeways in Houston are all back up.

And because Hurricane Harvey headed in land, Louisiana / Shreveport / New Orleans is going to be ok, but Memphis and Louisville are gonna get soaked.

So their making similar nearby city staffing and location changes a la Dallas in place of Houston.

The cabal demon is screaming today.  Fighting with all they have left which honestly ain’t much.  They are. It completely toothless, but pretty darn close in terms of stopping the RV.

Remember, the RV is the death blow to 13 millennia of an alien cabal that ruled humanity.

The hybrid minions left to carry out the old cabal master plan designed to dominate the species and planet via a war, media and alien event strategy simply cannot gain momentum traction and thus appears completely chaotic.

So this is the death of the cabal and the rebirth of the Republic simultaneously.

Incredible times we live in.

Keep your eye on the storms, Mueller and Trump and notice where all the storylines peak–that’s your RV.

And there will be 800#s and emails to alert the general public it’s time to redeem.

Thanks for all the new sign ups for the Human Angel website.  If you have not yet submitted your email for membership or the Tetelestai alert (800#s release) do so now at theclarioncalls.com.

We’re capping post RV website membership at 50,000 l–and we’re already three quarters of the way there and taking in over 1,000 new sign ups a day on average!

So hurry up and get your friends, family and gifted currency holders into the system before it’s too late!

God is with us.