Ultimate Order and Command to The Global Currency Reset Controllers

This is the special ultimate order and command given to the Global Currency Reset, Financial System Controllers on Earth surface and also to the Jade Emperor on the cloud.

I am the seal breaker, my identity and the source of this order/letter/command all of you can verify by asking the natural mountain, river Gods of Earth and/or with far higher level beings.

I. Zimbabwe Money Note ZWR Series (Must)

Deadline: November 2018, only 20 days Earth calendar left.

Money Note accepted: all 27 Zimbabwe ZWR Series from 65 to 91.

Rate: 1000000 (1 million) GBP per note (or the highest value note), no limited.

System accepted: new land and asset-backed currency system, and current fiat money system if there is no any nation announce their new land-backed or assets-backed current in November 2018.

Extra Face Rate if anyone wish and able to answer perfect these following questions:

1. Describe current Earth history last 8000 years and the way how human live now.

2. If you are a new leader of a nation, what are the first 3 things you would do for your country?

3. What is the root of current technology on Earth? Do human reach the peak technology needed for perfection ascension at the moment? What are the 3 most important needed technology at the moment on Earth (for human daily life)?

4. What is the dark & light real meaning according God?

5. What is the original purpose of religions, nations for humanity?

6. What is the difference between 3D and 5D humans beings? Example and explain.

7. What is the most important Universe law every beings must remember?

8. What is the original life purpose of the all beings in all Universes?

Answer correct 1 question you will receive extra 1 zero, if you able to answer all 8 questions perfectly you will receive 100 Trillion GBP per note.

The answer must be easily for everyone to understand, no play words here, absolutely raw organic meaning.

Above questions also a gift to all “spiritual trainers”, advanced beings, secret societies, national leaders and all of you who are on Earth at the moment.

The perfect answers I will provided if you guys requested and only when the Zimbabwe Money Note buying happen in November 2018 Earth calendar.

II. Global Currency Reset (Optional)

There very possible be Global Natural Catastrophe happen within 2-3 years from now. So it is up to each of National Leaders/Controllers to whether or not release the your own new asset and land-backed currency. It does not solve the root problem of humanity.

Gold-backed currency: if you release it then it will be a back step, Gold price will rise, people will start mining more instead of working, and with all the stupid killing weapons on Earth now like gun, tank, etc. => chaos will appear especially after the Global Weather Catastrophe like many prophecies predicted.

Land-backed currency: it great now and the future no matter how the weather change, just enough to stop the interest % and wake up “money addiction” habit of many unaware human.

I highly suggest all nations go land-backed currency right now. But it is still up to all of you, you can go gold-backed if you want chaos.

I only promised help if the Zimbabwe Money Exchange happen in November 2018, even after “the doomday”, “the day after tomorrow”, the global natural catastrophe. If nothing happen before 30-11-2018, then I am not going to help any nation or any beings on Earth, just observe how the “Earth school” turn out.

There are 2 type of life chaos: uncontrol stupid chaos and organized smart chaos.

Messiah Mahdi Maitreya

I am available to answer questions from the Global Currency Reset controllers, Governments and secret societies have “illusion” control over humanity until 30-11-2018.