LOVE IN ACTION NOW

Yes, it is me, the weary starseed human, back at it again.  This time my beef is with deception.  There seems to be a lot of it – some among the community of folks who claim to be of the Light.
But are they?

Take this NESARA/GESARA topic.  There are millions of us asking “If this is real, when is it going to manifest?”  This woman has been intending it daily, all year.  There are people who are given free space on websites to spout their predictions and their promises, all of which come and go.  Then when we are told we must be patient, well, if you read my original piece, you know my thoughts on that whole patience thing.  When it comes to awaiting our debt jubilee and financial freedom from not just this lifetime of economic enslavement but LIFETIMES of it, well our patience is up.  People are losing their homes, their savings, their lives – right now – all because of this enslavement.  If this is really going to be happening, DO IT NOW.  Please.  If this is nothing but a scam, a hoax, let’s stop feeding it.  Let’s stop reading about it.  And website owners, please stop giving these folks an audience.  At the very least say “no more free space on my site until your promises manifest.”  Simple enough, right?

Nibiru.  Wormwood.  Planet X.  Lots of names for something that I intuitively believe is an inner-dimensional craft that is here for our Ascension.  Yes, it is causing some chaos.  Yes, it isn’t going to meet up with us without some destruction.  But catastrophic?  Global planetary destruction?  I’m not feeling it. But, as we all know, lots of money is to be made off of fear-mongering.  I am always, ALWAYS very dubious of these folks saying “Nibiru is coming! Destruction will ensue.  Chaos!  Death!” which is then often followed by a link that says “Buy my product to protect your family NOW!”.  I’ve even seen one such site actually stop selling one of their products and instead go onto another product.  For you see, Nibiru had suddenly gone from a catastrophic threat to our friend.
I wonder if the site owner offered a refund to those who bought the first product. You know, since they no longer need it.

But I digress.

Then there is the whole RV/GCR story.  And yes it is indeed a story to me at this point.  Oh, it would be a wonderful thing, like NESARA.  But how many years – yes YEARS – do we have to listen to this same ‘ole story before someone (like me!) calls FOUL.

And then what about this infighting among those in this currency situation.  This side of the coin says WE ARE TELLING THE TRUTH.  We are the real bearers of this gift.  The other side says the same thing.


It is one thing to make a mistake or an error in judgment.

It is quite another to intentionally mislead people.  People have been unnecessarily suffering for far too long at the hands of some very dark psychopaths for whom, if I had my say, would spend some time in solitude confinement with hungry, man-eating snakes.

However, since I am a Starseed Human, I must focus on forgiveness.

But I am also human.  And as I said in my original piece, I am weary.

I am weary of deception.

I am weary of glorious promises that fail to transpire.

I am weary of seeing these folks receive internet attention.

I am mostly weary of carrying the feeling in my heart that so many good people, myself included, have followed such stories only to be filled with unnecessary moments of fear.  To have our hearts bright with anticipation only to be disappointed.

Love acts the moment it sees pain and suffering.  Love never says “I see your suffering.  I will be with you on this date.”  And never shows.  And offers some excuse.

Perhaps I am completely off on all of this.  In fact, I hope I am.  I deeply do.

In the meantime, using discernment, I remain dubious.

But as always, with a hopeful heart.

I may be weary, but I am still a Starseed.  And always will be.