“Crazy Carl”

“Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” – Sigmund Freud


G’Day Currency Community,

Yesterday at 3pm EDT, the UN announced that Iraq had revalued their currency.  Normally, this would be a massive story in Dinarville, but given all the years we were made to wait for such a historic announcement it passed without so much as a quick blurb on The Big Call last night.

Amazing given all the years of conference calls and Internet blog speculation regarding the Iraqi Dinar.  The IQD RV came and went without a single scream of victory.  But I suppose that’s the way the NPTB wanted it… wear them down until most to all are utterly indifferent coupled with extreme deal fatigue plus physical exhaustion right up until the very end.

Then BAM!  Spring it on them a la Kuwait.  Genius.

Honestly, how else would one expect NPTB to process over 30 million currency redeemers in just a few short weeks?  Can you imagine trying to manage energetic fresh faced ZIM holders?  No way, tired old dogs are much easier to maneuver than eager young puppy’s any day of the week.

Oh, we know they want broken souls limping into the exchange centers like a death march of the vanquished.  By default, it reduces the initial first wave numbers down to only a weak trickle by day two.  And even those who withstood the elongated test of time will simply not have the energy to march through a front door of a redemption center and declare their rate as sovereign.

The rest will just crawl in, one by one, until a dozen hemp smelling Afghani holders from Albuquerque calling themselves the “Southwest Space Cadets” are all that’s left on redemption center manifests.

And as for “The Gifted,” they are anything but.  Those non-skin-in-the-game holders are so sound asleep by now, they would need world war just to hit the snooze bar even if radical Muslim extremists showed up hunting evil western RV infidels.

Even the mildly curious are anything but mildly curious now.  Oh, and don’t get me started on sock drawer currency holders… maybe they will get around to setting an appointment if they can free up a PTA parent to carpool into tomorrow’s soccer practice.

Where’s the RV love you all started so many years ago?  Where’s the passion that once brought you into this exciting journey when your pretzel sticks still came with that crisp crunch?  Am I over exaggerating about your readiness level for dramatic effect?  OH, HELL NO!  One ZIM holder can and will change the world.  And it only take a few dozen ZIM holders to even remotely be paying attention with a halfway decent humanitarian presentation in order to alter the course of history permanently.

After all, if you are a chosen one that means you were chosen to be excited about this event.  Chosen ones don’t give up!  Chosen ones never surrender!  And chosen one’s never fall for the fact that Halloween is a Satanic occult high holiday summoning the undead and masquerading as a candy collecting/custom costume caravan for cute suburban kids named Parker, Miles, Oscar and Penelope.

Wake up people!  This is by far the best day of your freaking lives and you’re sleeping on the blessing!  Grab some enthusiasm and shake it all about–’cause today is what’s it’s all about people!  You were chosen before your birth to be in this moment now, and live a life of fiscal servitude by handing out infinite blessings like Modern Monetary Missionaries (*MMM protected under Federal trademark & copyright law).

Everyday for the rest of your lives, post-RV, you will exclusively exist to service others in need.  And everyday you will go to bed feeling as if you could have done more to help more families.  Talk about a life spent with equal blessings and burdens.

So splash some cold water on that tired face of yours, and open both eyes wide enough to remember the miracle that’s sitting right on top of your snout this morning, screaming at you to pay closer attention to world events and allow yourself the joy to finally get excited about being at the RV finish line!

You and only you are responsible for your brother as his/her keeper, and your brothers and sisters need a strong cup of “I’m the Luckiest Person on the Face of this Planet and I’m Here to Bless Your Life”, not some pansy ass saucer full of Earl Grey “Let Me Know If It’s Real After It Happens” tea.   The RV is not some casual decaf kinda event people!

Still not riding the RV wave yet?

OK, maybe this will wake you up: Did you know the ZIM sovereign a rate climbed above 12,000 USN yesterday for the first time ever.  Ironically, a very smart man named “Crazy Carl” turned out to be the most righteous prophet after predicting the ZIM would re-enter the global community of currencies at the benchmark value of 12,000 over three years ago (2013).

Way to go Carl… you scooped us all my brother.  Truly, you are King of the ZIM Intel and my personal hero next to Melania Trump (just because why not her).

This means that with just 1 x 100T ZIM note redeemed at 12,000 USN, you’ll potentially be receiving an exchange return of $1.2 Quintillion or 1,200 Quadrillions or 1,200,000 Billions.  Get the point?  We’re talking about infinite money supplies people.  Like today.  So ain’t nothing going on but the RV guys.

So drop that horrendous nude colored spanx undergarment and grab yourself a pair of big boy / big girl wrinkle-free dockers because the RV is here, now and right freaking on top of you!!!

Look Linda, you can choose to believe this post, deny it this post, feed this post to a fishbowl filled with h-angry piranhas (which are very tasty to eat btw)–it’s your currency–your RV experience–your reality boss–but know for this bad hombre, Crazy Carl was so genius, so ahead of his time, the least I can do is admit publicly the guy was dead nuts–spot on.

On this day, all the cosmic tumblers align to show us what’s possible.  On this day, humanity gets fired out of a titanium slingshot of fate and our faces pull back from all the negative G’s, our jaws slam open and every sane word that was left in our vocabulary suddenly escapes out of the back of our throats due to shock.  On this day, that’s exactly where we stand as of sunrise this morning.

So my advice is to fire up, and stay up for anything.  Maybe pour out a little of your morning joe in a show of RV respect for Crazy Carl, the first and only cat to nail the ZIM straight away.

God is with us.