The Vagus Nerve

Overcoming The Fear of Enlightenment Ascension 01 What Is The Vagus Nerve? Vagus Nerve Explained. At the center of our bodies resides a long, sinewy nerve that extends all the way from our medullas down through our chests to beyond our stomachs. This nerve, known as the Vagus Nerve, happens to be at a most fascinating intersection, not only between our two physical nervous systems (our central and autonomic nervous systems) but also between our conscious minds and subconscious minds. As such, it also acts as a bridge between our gross bodies and our subtle bodies. And it’s a nerve probably 99% of the population have never heard of nor even have a clue where it’s located. And yet the Vagus Nerve may be the single most relevant organ in our body relative to our peace of mind and happiness…. Vagus Nerve Massage For Stress And Anxiety Relief