the Storm is upon us.

To understand their full control over humanity and keeping them controlled tied to the big lie. By using the churches and religions as a means of control and implementing a belief system and rules. Along with the nanotechnology and the illusions behind Operation Paperclip and the Reptilians, using their puppet world leaders, pastors, priests and popes.

Look behind every “patriot” that “promotes” religion and then see why the deep state used the media to always promote a negative view using them as crisis actors. With the system’s Artificial intelligence to make stories with certain keywords as their 4am China talking points that was disseminated thru their media channels.

The start of the documentary was in 1999, referring to our Q drop #1082. Look at the worldwide events unfolding after COVID-19’s “15 Days To Slow The Spread” in a mirror of linear time.

Connecting the worldwide events in a reverse order is the DECLAS of Reptilian and Grey enslavement. It has always been them, behind the Veil of religion – concealing their Galactic slave farming of Adrenochrome and Pineal Glands.

Our Q post #1455 and my message 11.N detail the COVID-19 Live Military Exercise markers and locations. These cone markers pinpoint businesses, religious centers, medical facilities, arenas, schools and Government buildings of underground tunnels, entrances, exits and D.U.M.Bs.

A massive dark world is being exposed and My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫