The Situation Regarding the Tribunal for The Underground Bases and Secret Military Projects

The Situation Regarding the Tribunal for The Underground Bases and Secret Military Projects

The situation with the underground bases and the secret military projects is as follows.

Children are utilized as part of a secret military operation which seeks to find the best possible candidates for a military force that defends Earth and the human race.

These operations became infiltrated by various groups seeking to abuse the secrecy to fulfill their own desires. There is a fine line but the use of this power to fulfill their own desires was seen as a direct threat to the existence of the human race.

The issue with this is the determination of that fine line between a legitimately beneficial operation and the abuse of such secrecy for subversive or perverse means.

In short, you can’t teach someone to care for themselves or the truth if they do not have that desire within them. You can however show someone the deleterious effects of allowing ignorance and fear to take control of a person’s life and line of reasoning.

When that person finally chooses to accept self-responsibility, instead of handing it away to the most emotionally resonant outcome, then they have the ignited spark of the will to care and take control within them. When that person picks their self up it is because they have made the choice to do so, however rough the situation is.

This cannot be taught, but it can be activated within a person. It is believed that not many people will be ready to accept this but that everyone has the option to choose to accept self-responsibility over their own lives.

This system became infiltrated by those who sought to use the secrecy and feed their own desires in a way that was not a legitimate part of the process. Ultimately, children were used for personal reasons that was not a part of the process of awakening the inner power.

There are many methods used, and when everything is done according to a carefully draw out profile, a person gains control over their reactions and the way they are influenced by external stimuli until they and only they are in control.

What was done outside of this, and is coming to light in some situations, but not very clearly, is a system of abuse that was not approved by the highest authority and therefore stands to be exposed on tribunal as crimes against humanity along with the crimes against Earth.

I was informed there would be a tribunal for this process and that all of this was leaning on the consideration of the public to not give into disarray, fear and temptation to take their anger and blame out on the first person they see come to light.

As long as this information reaches the masses we can avoid a kind of damage-control system where people are policed more heavily than they would like to be. However, with the way people are now and their quickness to judgment without first casting an eye towards their own morals or lack of which, they are walking a very thin line of acting out in an emotional response which serves no one in particular except the very individuals seeking to use such programmability as part of an extension of the same system of abuse.

If at anytime people have questions they can post them on my wall. They can post on the wall or in the comments section to an individual post and if it is a reasonable question I will do my best to inform the public of the truth that will benefit the whole instead of just one group or the other.

This post has been a long time coming, but due to the secrecy regarding many events and situations, only so much can be said.

Reading “between the lines”, to see how this relates to the current events taking place is key here.