The Satanic Manipulators in our Midst.

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It is past difficult to know what is going on in the heads of those advising Trump, or Trump’s head. It’s not hard to figure out what is going on in the heads of those who oppose him. There are only two options in that regard; uninformed stupidity, where the person has swallowed whatever they have been told, or agenda driven niche players, who feel like their personal ambitions are going to be challenged. The particular demographics of these people are the opposite coasts of the country. Everything in between is solidly Trump.

I have the occasional fantasy that Trump should employ me as an independent adviser. I am NOT a Trump supporter but I do love my country, strange as it may seem, given that my country has been hijacked by dual national neo-cons from Israel and their international banker associates. The country has Stockholm Syndrome and is fluoride overdose dumbed down. Because it is human nature to be fascinated by the glitter of materialism, the collective, objective capacity has been shut down and gone to automatic pilot, Shmoo subjective unconsciousness. It’s not their fault and it is their fault.

Anyway, I would advise Trump to break up the media conglomerates as the first order of business. I would have him make dual nationals register as representatives of a foreign nation. I would have him clean house from top to bottom of Obama holdovers, who are working day and night to sabotage his policies. I would tell him to employ his presumed intellect in a more perspicacious manner where it involves Twitter work. What is he thinking with his scattershot actions? A good example is saying that Meryl Streep is “one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood”. Regardless of her lack of political acumen she is one of the best actresses ever. It’s fine if he wants to call her a Hillary flunkie. This is true. Trump, unfortunately lacks gravitas and he needs to get some. He often comes across as a buffoon. George W. Bush was a buffoon. Trump does not have to be.

He needs to declare in a measured and informed manner that not only he but the American way of life (should there be such a thing) is under attack by certain forces that want to destroy them both. Here are some of the ridiculous phenomena that have been surfacing these days. What a moron. Dumbass is becoming a national pastime. Then there is this. Seriously, I could put in link after link after link of the obsessive sexual insanity being promoted by the Satanic manipulators in our midst and it is all geared to the destruction of the family unit, which is the basic building block of a society. It is also about the promotion of reverse kundalini behavior because that leads to the waste of vital substances, which destroys spiritual awareness and imprisons the practitioners in purgatory of enforced materialism. It opens the door to demonic possession (fact). It sends you to Hell, which you may choose to understand metaphorically or literally, due to the way you choose to interpret it. Just about every spiritual text agrees with this, whether you agree with any of them is unimportant. I have many departures from the letter of scripture but I do not doubt what the historical record has proven to me over and over again.

There is a war going on and far too many people have become complicit in it.

I know it can appear to the reader that I have become overly focused on the sexual mores of the day. The truth is that everything is sex and the dancers from the dark side know this and if they can program the human mind into a dysfunctional relationship with its own sexuality they can effectively plunge the world into darkness. They can sow confusion and disorder and this is their intent, impure and simple. I recognize the direction in which sexual practices have gone and I know why, the same way I know what will happen to all the green leaves in trees and the flowers that come and go. So long as this perversity is pushed in my face and demanding that I accept it as more than normal, I’m going to call it for what it is and I don’t care what anyone may say to the contrary. I can see very clearly the intent of it all and it bodes no good for anyone as will be amply demonstrated on its march into perdition. I pray it does not take too many of you with it.

Tolerance is all well and good and you will never catch me getting on anyone’s case in any social situation. I’m not Savonarola. However, tolerance is not acceptance. We are all permitted our view on life, whether we are right or wrong. Time will surely tell what’s what about everything.

Not a day goes by when I do not wish that I were a better person; that I had a wider reach of understanding, that I possessed a greater self restraint. At the moment this is not the case. We will all get there in time but it is harder for me to imagine a greater mistake than for one to assume they are something they are not. Powerful archetypes are eternally in place to inform us otherwise should we persist in this delusion. We have to maintain an honest perspective on ourselves. We can lie to ourselves all day long but that will not make what is false true.

I can’t pretend I am blind to the cultural Armageddon taking place like this filming of “She on my Dick” at an Atlanta strip club. There is a conscious and concerted effort to mainstream depravity and suck the countries youth into a fiery cauldron of twisted excess. We’ve come a long way from Stevie Wonder and the brighter lights of nicer times. I suppose I can sound all Calvinistic and repressed, although my history hardly indicates that. There is no doubt that the worst among us are being promoted into the spotlight and the real artists are not permitted anywhere near the stage. They are striving ‘lights out’ to usher in Hell on Earth because that is the kingdom of choice for those manipulating the mouthpieces of the culture. Take a look at this vile little skank doing something that sounds like “bounce with the motherfucking hounds”. She has a surgically enhanced ass and the tone of the article is absolutely ludicrous.

It features several young dancing girls around 8 years old. On what planet does this pass for acceptable entertainment? Who’s behind it? Who’s usually behind it? Who owns the porn industry? How can you argue with names and faces attached to the works? It gets worse and worse. It’s worldwide and for some uncanny and ‘coincidental’ reason it’s the same people. The music industry is a part of the entertainment industry and who controls that? I don’t care what kind of arguments anyone wants to make to the contrary because I KNOW the names and dates and activities that are hard cold fact. Is it exclusive to these people? No. Are they representative out of all proportion to their numbers in the population? Absolutely. And… of course, when it comes to all the things blamed on others, it turns out that they are behind it. Of course, it’s a brain tumor that’s responsible. Like the apples passed through, or tossed over the concentration camp fences. The stories become more and more ridiculous with time as this Holocaust Mowgli shows. (This is exactly like all these Star Wars Gender identifications). Like ‘Ballpoint Annie’ Frank the lies continue.

How many times have I said that I wish what was so was not so? Exposing these things and talking about these things is career suicide. Surely one is better off to skirt the issue entirely and pretend that it isn’t happening. Of course you are then a coward and lack all integrity and honor. On the other hand you get visually disappeared but the ineffable sees everything. He knows who his soldiers are. I have no problem standing in the court of public opinion because one day I will assuredly have to stand before a higher court, as shall we all. Of course, these people make up the highest concentration of atheists in any demographic so what do they care? Still… just because you insist something is not so does not make it not so. Once again I do not have to rely on the opinions of others when it comes to the existence of the ineffable. I have direct and personal confirmation of this. I have had the truth of the matter proven to me more times than I can remember and now have direct evidence of it every day. Let anyone and everyone believe what they like, whether they have proven it to themselves or simply taken it at face value …because it is a commonly shared delusion. If what you rest on is insubstantial, you are standing on shaky ground. If you’ve got a firm foundation, so much the better.

Whatever is coming is getting closer every day. Ride along with it or get out of the way.

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