The god these people serve is satan

Worldwide, 8 million children are stolen and sold to the elite pedophile rings — They are tortured, raped and murdered as part of a satanic ritual ceromonies — The murderers the drink the children’s blood and they eath their flesh. the blood of children who were severly traumitised before they died contains adrenochrome : a natural drug by the pineal grand in the brain. — Adrenochrome is the highstet valeud drug in the world — 1 liter cost 2.2 miljard dollar — It takes 100 children to produce 1 liter of adrenochrome — The god these people serve is satan — It’s not a god of love and mercy — Nazi Netherlands was involved as usual in the transport of the Adrenochrome. — The adrenochrome was transported worldwide in the barrels of the beer brand Heineken by the tankers of the oil company Shell — Nazi Netherlands a small country in the world, but one of the largest and satanic countries in the world. — Luckily the white hats stopped this a few years ago — JOIN: