The Enormity Of What’s To Come Will Shock The World

They used human cloning as a means of their infiltration with soulless empty vessels mixed throughout the human population.

They had cloning facilities in deep underground military bases worldwide acting as hubs for their advanced tunneling systems. This was their infiltration method. to have their empty vessels they manipulated and control all the world leaders.

This was just a distraction to keep the population pre-occupied on wars, disease, famine, politics, fake religions, left vs right, black vs white – it’s ALWAYS been them.

The same is sald about the entertainment industry – they used the same pattern of control, having their cloned stars doing playing roles in doing the same, keeping the population deceived to exactly what they were doing.

Artificial Intelligence is Limited By It’s Creator.

They created hybrid aliens, mixing children DNAs to create their own race of slaves, a reason they pushed abortions.

Their end goal was to keep humanity enslaved on their intergalactic slave ship Matrix.

The Enormity Of What’s To Come Will Shock The World

It was always their distraction from Reptilians/Greys eating & sacrificing children for their adrenochrome & pineal glands.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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