The elimination of the White Race is openly happening all around you

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Goedemorgen folks,
Ja een nieuwe dag met al zijn uitdagingen, de vraag is hoe wakker ben jij of ben je nog in nevelen gehuld.
Bepaal je voor je zelf, of laat je dit door anderen bepalen.
Geloof je nog alles wat je via alle media kanalen word aangereikt of geloof je je eigen waarheid en gevoel.
Spring je nog steeds op de aanhangwagen van die zeggen zo is het (opgezette desinformatie).
Of loop je je eigen weg en blijf je die lopen??


Montague Keen – April 24, 2016

Martin Luther King

The struggle for complete control of your world has never been greater than it is now. The web of control has ordered its minions to ensure the masses do as they are told. The elimination of the White Race is openly happening all around you. I tell you that you cannot afford to ignore the many indications of this. You must preserve and protect your race. Look at what is happening in Europe, in order to understand what I am drawing your attention to. The control centre is showing its hand, as time is fast running out for them to gain complete control of the Earth. Because of the work that is being carried out, the Schuman Resonance is rising every day.

Here is a video explaining what this means

Ascension Game Changer

Soon, those in the Cabal will find themselves totally exposed and at the mercy of the masses that they have tried to destroy. The work you do each day with M has exposed just how the control system operated. It was successful for the sleeping masses; but not anymore, as the masses are waking up, thus increasing the light in your world. All those in power, are doing all within their means, to hold you in servitude to the Cabal. Their loyalty is totally to the Cabal.

You have to do your own research and make your own decisions. The OBAMAs of your world do not serve humanity, they only follow the orders of their masters within the Cabal. The decisions that you make now, will have a great impact on the Earth and the future of humanity. Every day you see their plans to destroy Europe. They try to make you feel guilty for not welcoming others into your countries. In 1925, they planned to create reasons to wage war on certain countries, so they could force the so-called refugees into Europe. They have financed this invasion. You have enemies on Earth that you have no idea about. They control everything and they want rid of you. Their false promises, gestures, and their displays of caring for the masses, are done to fool you into trusting them. Their actions tell a totally different story. They poison the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the water you drink, as well as taking taxes from you that cause poverty for the masses. Those are the facts. Religion and politics work together to destroy humanity.

Each one of you needs to ground yourself and open your eyes and ears to the TRUTH. Stop believing the Cabal’s propaganda tools, its TV and newspapers. Believe only what you have researched yourself, and know to be true. Take responsibility for your lives and stop being puppets which vote for their own demise. Go to the ley lines, obelisks, and spheres etc, and remove all the dark energy from the Earth. Look at the control grids, which until now, you were unaware of, because they were hidden from you.

Yes, it was clever, my dear. It was all done under your noses. They did not need to hide it, because they never expected for one moment that one day, you would awaken and see their control grid and remove it. YOU ARE AT WAR. At last, you can see your enemy in all its darkness and deceit. When you stand together as humanity, supporting each other, then the Cabal will cease to exist. They fight a dirty battle. Their main objective is to destroy humanity and take over the Earth at all costs. Their greed knows no bounds !

Again, I appeal to the people of Ireland, to stand together, and take back your power from the Vatican and the State. Lead the world to freedom, free of dark control. You can do it. Become, once again, the mighty people you once were, before the Vatican sent Patrick to destroy you, and all the evidence of your great past. Lead humanity to FREEDOM. You know you can do it. You are almost there. Ignore the pressure being put on you to conform to what the Cabal dictates. Your future depends entirely on the decisions you make now.

Refuse to continue to be part of the EU, which has been set up to destroy your individuality, your race, and your humanity. Those who want to destroy your race, protect their own so-called race, with laws that would astound you. Come out of the MELTING POT called the EU, for it is all part of the TAKEOVER PLAN. Be suspicious of those who try to force you to vote ‘Yes’. They are just obeying orders. The LIES and DECEIT in your world at this time are overwhelming. It is their last ditch effort to hold on to control. Their existence depends on whether you obey their commands, or instead, say NO to their evil control. They are at your mercy, for the tables have turned.

My dear, your work with M is showing measurable results. You see the Schuman Resonance rise after every exercise you do. You have a lot to deal with. Although it seems hopeless, you know in your soul that you will succeed. It matters not how many TROLLS the Cabal produce to lie about you, they are wasting their time. We will do what we set out to do.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation