The Best Is Yet To Come

As we approach the event with all the available information spreading across social media sites. With all the readily
available information about COVID-19 not being a virus, but a Military Live Exercise For Pedophiles, And The US Military Is The Vaccine.

With that information, you can use as a cyper decode from the top down, that any one dying from a vaccine was a pedophile.

This is where the deepstate and cabal puppets come into their ‘game’ – they set upper limits and bounds and ridicule you for expressing the truth, like Jesus and Muhammad are fake. 9/11 was fabricated, school shootings & etc. – they are all false flags created on a set to deceive the world.

The Strings Pulling The Puppets Via
Reptilians/Operation Paperclip Are Under
Exposed Fully Via Executive Order 13818
The Best Is Yet To Come

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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