On the Origin of the World

The Nag Hammadi Library – On the Origin of the World

Then when Sophia Zoe saw that the Archons of the darkness had laid a curse upon her counterparts, she was indignant!

She came from the first heaven with all her power and chased the rulers from [their] heavens, and she cast them down into the sinful world so that they might dwell, in the form of evil spirits (daimones) upon the earth.

so that in their world it might pass the thousand years in Paradise a soul-endowed living creature called “ phoenix.” It kills itself and brings itself to life as a witness to the judgment against them, for they did wrong to Adam and his generation, unto the consummation of the age.

When the seven rulers were cast from their heavens down to the earth, they created for themselves angels, numerous and demonic, to serve them.

These angels* taught people much about error, magic, potions, idolatry, bloodshed, altars, temples, sacrifices, and libations to all the demons of the earth.

The angels work with fate, which came into being by agreement of the gods of injustice and justice.

All people on earth served the demons from the creation until the end of the age both the angels of justice and the people of injustice.

Thus the world was in confusion, ignorance, and stupor. All erred, until the appearance of the true human.

The immortal Father knows that deficiency of truth came to be among the aeons and their world. So when he wanted to bring down the rulers of perdition by means of their modeled creatures, he sent the blessed little innocent spirits, who are like you, down to the world of perdition. They are not strangers to knowledge.

All knowledge is in one angel who appears to them. This angel stands before the Father and is not incapable of giving them knowledge.

Whenever they appear in the world of perdition, the blessed spirits immediately reveal the pattern of incorruptibility so as to condemn the rulers and their powers.

Source: The Nag Hammadi Scriptures:
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