2:01 PM EST


•TAX BILL has been signed both publicly and privately but we pay the most attention to the story they’re telling us because that’s what they want us to see-so only the Public signing matters

•Because that is finished we can receive notification at any time.

•Typical speculation abounds about day time release, night time release, after markets close, after the banks close on the West Coast, but none of those things really matter. It’s just going to drop in here today. The reason why they said we can openly discuss the day now is because there’s no other option. It gets to come through today. 12/22/2017

•I do actually believe that. At some point you just have to let go. SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN! Let it go! Lol

•Everything is now completed legally according to contract law so that the Cabal cannot somehow regain control through some legal loop hole

•Tonight at midnight, technically 12:01 Saturday morning 12/23 the Federal Reserve is no more

•My understanding is that the new AI “Sofia” that runs the block chain technology in the new banking system will no longer recognize the USD as currency from that point on.

•That says to me that there is no room for error boys so let’s get her done already.

•We’ve heard things like this before but it has some weight today being that tomorrow Netanyahu will be accused of high crimes against humanity and he’s at the very top of the public face of the Cabal

•Leo Wanta was paid. He’s the original claimant that got this whole thing started so that we could have a chance to exchange our way to freedom. Thank you for your sacrifice Mr. Wanta. You think we’ve been waiting a long time he filed back in the 80s.

•The Cabal tried to take down Mr. Wanta but the White Hats shut down the Atlanta Airport in epic and unusual fashion to mitigate the threat. Which is very important because Wanta was one of the keys to setting this final stage in motion. So again sir, for risking your life for our freedom we thank you. (The White Hats are pretty bad ass)

•The executive order brought into law by President Trump yesterday basically protects us from getting ripped off by criminals committing crimes against humanity masquerading as leaders and putting a hard stop to the evil and corrupt practices that have gone on as a common practice inside the elite circles around the world. It’s much more than that too, and definitely worth a careful examination. It’s the launch of an all-out attack against the Cabal.

•Also the US is telling Zimbabwe to drop the US currency and start using their own. Interesting timing to say the least.

•They’ve already started calling people in for appointments for tomorrow. Now that’s not supposed to happen. That’s why we have the 800#s so that it’s fair. We just want access. Please stop overthinking this. No one will even notice. Launch a better flash bang. Start a twitter fight between Kanye West and Nicki Manaj and the world wouldn’t even notice if Gremlins were launched from cannons and parachuted down on the White House. We have a team available to assist with such an effort.

•The ALLIANCE has brought us all to the edge of our seat with this incredible dramatic show. We’ve been active participants like an off Broadway show that includes the audience. But it’s gettin dodgy out here and IT IS GO TIME!

•We’ll be on our best behavior. We’ll follow instructions to the letter. We’ll be efficient and safe. We’ll buy you a Cadillac but please let the people go free today. Let us all have the dream Christmas you’ve teased us with for years. Not tomorrow. Not tonight. It’s go time now. You’re ready. And so are we.