Goedemorgen beste bezoekers,

Dit moeten we eff delen met jullie het geeft antwoorden op vragen die er wellicht zijn betreffende payment 1-11.

Als je nog vragen hebt kun je die op de facebook site van swissindo van je eigen land stellen.

Be wise be smart.

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May the force be with you, my friends.



? FAQ’s and Queries from the Public…

Answers to most of the commonly asked questions are set out below.

Please note that we cannot advise you in your personal circumstances.

? What are Payments 1 – 11?

Payments 1 to 11 include “Human Obligation” payments for every living person and separate “Country Quota” payments for every country.
These payments were intended to be released more than 50 years ago but the assassination of JFK and a coup d’etat in Indonesia prevented the release of the funds. Clandestine moves have been made [by those who would rather not have this happen?] in an effort to prevent the release of the payments.

Payments 1-11 are intended to be for the protection of all people and their unalienable human rights, especially the weak or vulnerable; and for the protection of each country – both “national security” and the protection of the physical Earth occupied by each country, the air, water and all life (the environment).

They are intended to save the global economy from imminent collapse, which Mr. Soegi says is inevitable without Payments 1-11.

They are intended to pay all debts in full – all government/country debts and all personal debts.

They are intended to fund the reversal of environmental destruction and return the world to a natural state of abundance. This will be assisted by the release of new technologies and long-suppressed technologies.
They are intended to be used for printing of new asset-backed currencies for each country (if a country so chooses) to put an end to fiat currency and financial slavery; replacing artificially created scarcity with abundance for all people.

They are intended to free people from the constant struggle for survival and from jobs they don’t like so they can pursue their passion and heart’s desires.

They are intended to empower people to co-create the world they desire rather than people being enslaved and powerless to change anything.
They are intended to fund the reconstruction and modernization of the world.

They are intended to help rid the world of corruption and the Cabal control of banking, energy, media, governments, the UN, law and justice, secret (“Black Ops”) programs, industry and all elements of society – through transparency rather than compartmentalized secrecy.
They are intended to help reveal our true history and other long-hidden truths.

They are intended to usher in and support – long term – a new age of peace, freedom and prosperity for all. (Some call this “The Golden Age”).
They are intended to be an example to the world of giving generously to all people, with unconditional love.

They are intended to help heal the hearts of all people of at least ten “illnesses”, such as jealousy, greed and fear, which in turn will help to enable “Heaven on Earth” to become our new reality.

They are NOT intended to create a one world government.

They are NOT intended to destroy governments or break up countries or reduce each country’s sovereignty.

Each individual person will have the right to choose any religion or no religion and the right to choose which country they want to be a citizen or resident of.

Mr. Soegi is vehemently opposed to any kind of tracking or control ‘implants’ or ‘mark’, which the Cabal are very keen to force upon humanity.

Mr. Soegi wants to dismantle ‘the beast’, not feed it.

? Where did the assets come from?

Vast physical gold reserves have been collected by the Royal families of the world for thousands of years and mostly kept secret, well hidden and with multiple layers of security and checks and balances to protect the physical ‘treasures’. Over the millennia, people have tried – and some are still trying – to steal some of the treasures.

Most of those treasures have been combined and held in multiple Trusts for a very long time, explicitly for the benefit of all of humanity and the Earth itself.

The collateral for Payments 1-11 is completely separate from other collateral assets that backs the infamous infinite balance and other “black screen” accounts – two or more such accounts are said to exist in each of at least 884 different banks and central banks worldwide.

It is acknowledged that the validity of these assets is a contentious and highly debated topic without being able to see them for yourself.

? What is the value of the assets which back Payments 1-11?

Payments 1-11 are backed by collateral of 78 billion kilograms of physical gold and platinum. (8 billion kilograms of gold and 70 billion kilograms of platinum.)

The value of the collateral for Payments 1-11 is stated to be one Quintillion USD. That is $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (18 zeros). Mr. Soegi sometimes refers to this as the “principle”.

Mr. Soegi showed a document certifying the value of the principle was 920 Quadrillion USD, at the time it was reconfirmed and recertified at UN Headquarters on the 14th of June 2010, signed by twelve very high profile world leaders and Mr. Soegi. He has much more documentation that will be made public when it is safe.

The total cost of Payments 1-11 is 234* Quadrillion USD or 23.4% of the collateral value, leaving a substantial surplus/reserve. (* some additional project funds have been authorized since this figure was stated in the interview videos.)

? How much will each country receive?

Payments 1-11 include an equal “Country Quota” payment of 138 Trillion USD to each country.

Pre-authorised, pre-paid taxes on each of their citizens’ “Human Obligation” payments.

? How can countries access their Country Quota payment?

Countries have the option to receive their Country Quota payment as a gift or as a loan.

Countries need to sign a form/simple agreement before the deadline if they wish to accept the option to receive their Country Quota payment as a gift.

Countries who do not accept to receive the Country Quota payment as a gift on or before the deadline may access their Country Quota payment as a loan from Mr. Soegi.

? How much will each living person receive?

Payments 1-11 include Human Obligation payments for each living person on Earth which is in addition to and completely separate from the Country Quota payment for each country and independent of the acceptance by each country of their gift.

Every living person on Earth is entitled to receive their equal inheritence of: 6 Million USD, intended to be used to repay personal debts and for us to invest for the future; plus:

a monthly stipend of 1,200 USD per adult or 600 USD per child, accessible via a personal ATM card. This stipend is intended to provide for basic living expenses so we will be free from financial slavery and free to pursue our passions and our hearts’ desires.

–> All children born in the future will be entitled to their inheritance of 6 Million USD at the age of 17 yrears plus their monthly stipend of 600 USD.

All taxes for all Human Obligation payments have already been pre-authorised and pre-paid.

? How can people access their inheritance entitlement?

People will need to present identification at a bank. The bank will issue an ATM card linked to your personal inheritance account so you can access your monthly stipend. Routing of payments through the global network of ATMs will be ready before people begin to collect their ATM cards.

Detailed information on how countries and individuals can access their funds will be published as soon as practicable.

The money and the means to access it will be available as soon as technically possible after the August 17 2015 deadline.

Access to the money may be easier in countries which accept their gift.

Some countries who do not accept their gift may choose to block the payments, perhaps because of some leaders’ and/or shadow powers’ obsession with absolute power and control over their citizens and/or the world so they can maintain their self-serving local or global financial, military or religious domination.

? Are they going to give countries or the people physical gold and platinum?

No. The physical assets will not be given out. The collateral will continue to be held in perpetual Trust for the on-going benefit of all of humanity and the Earth.

The physical metals will be used as collateral to back new currencies to be printed for each country.

Each country can choose from various options and contribute to the unique design for each country’s currency. The details will be clarified and published soon.

? Is this a new offer from SwissIndo?

Most of the details of the offer are unchanged since it was announced more than two years ago.

? Will funds for individuals be available for distribution to begin by August 17, 2015? If not is there an update available as to when the people can expect their monthly allowances while waiting on trusts? When will humanitarian projects begin to take off?

It has NEVER been said by Bapak that the FUNDS are being released on Aug 17th, 2015 or any date given at this time.

Aug 17th is the final date for countries to accept the gift. No date has yet been set for distribution of the funds. It will begin as soon as it is can be organized well.

? Will funds be offered to provide the monies required for Keshe and other alternative technologies that are presently available?

Yes, Keshe has been asked for a funding proposal and we congratulate & welcome his ongoing efforts, please encourage the Keshe Foundation to contact Swissindo and extend our offer to him.

? With so many homes sitting empty today and available to provide temporary housing for all why is The Venus project being given first for funding? Is not ending wars and aggression in all countries is of greater priority at present?

The ending of the war is a fundamental requirement to this beginning. The Venus project was chosen as an example of a complete vision of “well ways” to inspire new imaginings of “well futures”.

To our knowledge they are yet to accept. Housing the homeless and feeding the hungry are top priorities that Swissindo will also fund. No one need be left behind and no empty house need be empty if there is a soul who wishers to make it their home.

? Is it possible to move forward in a digital system? Why and how or why not?

The digital imposition will be lifted and you are free to decide what and where & how for yourselves. It is your choice what to invest your energy into and who’s systems you engage.

? Have plans been put together to transition from the money system to a moneyless society in the long term – if so when can the people be privy to it?

Yes…Ubuntu is an example. Systems will naturally appear and they are working around the world in micro models today, food swaps for example. No doubt these models will be studied, expanded and duplicated as we each pass on “working ways”.

A full money-free society will be a generational change. It is about letting go of attachment and this depends on the free will of each individual.

Children born into this World will live this change in their lifetime, I choose to see it in mine. Swissindo is only holding the space for all these things to happen. If the locals don’t want it, it wont happen, it’s all up to the people and the collective inspiration/intent. It is up to all of us to communicate “working ways” that empower creative expression, wellbeing & happiness.

? Has M-1 bought off any of the military – or is he even capable of doing this at this time – and if so – is this one of the reasons we are in a safer place today as opposed to a year ago?

At present please consider the Military as 3 units, solders who follow orders, Generals who do the same guided the Cabal, and a 3rd unit of Patriots consisting of retired personal and service woman & men who stand for the rule of law, who communicate across borders and stand ready to bring a safe resolution to the war. Swissindo will fund non-aggressive national armies if they disarm and repurpose to humanitarian purposes moving forward.

? What is the time frame for putting all new cancer cures out in the market so that thousands of people are no longer dying every day? How does and how will this fare with the Cabal ( old forces and enforcers of mans laws) – or in other words do they still possess the power and ability to stop these things from taking place?

A lemon a day will keep cancer at bay & Hemp Oil will wash it away.
Cancer is the symptom of an acidic system (chips, pizza & not enough livewater), by eating lemons and other alkalizing foods the cancer has no food & leaves naturally, it’s that simple. Eat livefood & livewater (one word) & be aware that fluoride is the seat of many dis-eases. Swissindo will support truth & human rights, the healing is ours to do ourselves.

? When a dog bites you and you forgive the dog you do not hold your hand out to allow him to bite you again causing him to be tempted – can you explain how M-1 is any different in how he should deal with those of the old system?

In the old system, we take them to court, fine them or put them behind bars. In Bpak’s way, we remove the instruments and tools from their possession or cut their access to them, so that they cannot do harm to others.

Eg. a child or mentally unstable adult with a knife, do you fine or incarcerate them with access to the knife and hope they will not use it? In Bapak’s approach, we remove them from those positions of power, remove access to those instruments until they can learn to use them responsibly, if ever.

? Oil and it’s many offshoots are indeed a harm and cause loss to the planet and furthering the efforts by aiding their efforts in anyway is harming the planet – so how does Swissindo justify these actions?

Swissindo is not justifying those actions. If you follow the money trail, you will see that these big oil companies are all part of our corrupt govt, and banking systems. They support political campaigns and buy politicians, they influence legislation and keep bankers happy. Once we clean up the corruption in these areas, that has already begun, you will find legislation will be replaced by ‘do no harm’ principle and enforced through the new system. In the meantime, there will be a transition period’ where it will take some time before we see the full changes in effect. The sooner people begin comprehending how the New Paradigm works, the sooner the changes will start happening.

? Would M1 fund new technologies (clean money) to those who have a reputation for harming and causing loss to the people?

A scientist who has been discovered a new technology and innocently gives this to a ‘self-serving’ corporate business, will soon see the misuse of his technology. This will become part of his journey and learning experiences. In the meantime, the alternative media will continue to grow to educate people about the TRUTH of what is really happening, and with the release of money, the benevolent technologies will gain momentum and become available, to give us a choice because the New System you will find works for humanity and the money for these projects is just about ‘limitless,’ so at the end, it will suffocate these companies who are doing harm, because their money will be ‘limited.’

?Knowing that there are many new technologies in free energy out there today why has there been Swissindo talk of any of them – there is currently oil talk, yes? Should it not sound strange to the people that Swissindo is speaking of furthering oil production rather than speaking at all on free energy?

The Joint Operation with the oil company is to create a Triangle bridge between Indonesia, Laos and Swissindo. This project will also open up other areas for us. Bapak is the Top President in all of them, so has full control and will make sure the project is handled wisely and will benefit humanity.

? Is M-1 completely for peace – completely for violence or force – or somewhere in between? Will his monies be used collectively for peace in other words – force if needed – or just as a bargaining chip with the old rulers and world governments?

In Bapak’s Codes of Conduct he says that true victory is only when no-one is made to feel defeated. Bapak wants a peaceful resolution at all times, but is also prepared to stand and face any who attempt to stand in the way of others receiving what is rightfully theirs. This has always been a mission of peace, which is also why Bapak is offering monetary recompense to those who have caused such havoc on the planet. They can then ‘walk away’ without a sense of loss. This also shows them how a true leader behaves – caring and thoughtful towards all, regardless of their previous behavior. Now the ball is in their court. Bapak has humbly made the offer … it’s their choice whether to accept or not.