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The Forbidden Knowledge

In prehistoric times a hi-tech society of pre-Nordic humans waged war with reptiloids based in Antarctica, the war ended with the reptiloids being driven underground [below India] while the humanoids established their own civilization beneath Mongolia.

The humanoids and reptiloids develop further technology enabling them to reach beyond planet earth. The species war continues off- planet, and is carried to the moon, to mars, and eventually to the stars.

The humanoids establish a colony in Rigel Orion while the reptiloids establish an empire based on the planet Typhon [Alpha Draconis]. The Draconians attack Rigal yet several humanoids escape to Sirius-A, Vega Lyra and Procyon while others return to the Sol system [Jovian moons].

The Draco-backed Orion empire of the “Unholy Six” [six Draco controlled star systems] attack the Lyra systems and devastate three worlds, initially killing over 50 million Lyrans and more as the “war” continued. Refugees escape to Taygeta Pleiades and Zenatae Andromeda. An onging war between Orion and Sirius [Rigelian exiles] continues for centuries.

Draco-backed Orionite reptiloids [tall ‘greens’ and short ‘greys’] establish a Trojan horse treaty with Procyon after a failed invasion of that system, subverting their society until a takeover from within is carried out. Several Procyonese freedom fighters escape and team up with others in Zenatae Andromeda, Taygeta Pleiades, and Tau Ceti.

The Sirians and Orions continue their battle over who will control the 21 worlds in this immediate star sector. Both sides have imperialistic motives, the only difference being which species will dominate, humanoid or reptiloid.

The Sirians and Orionites fight for the control and/or favor of the Egyptian ruling elite. The Sirian humanoids win out and the Orions and the gnostic serpent cult [later to spawn the Grant Orient Lodge of Egyptian Freemasonry, the Gnostic Thule Society, and the Bavarian Illuminati] which serves them are driven underground where they establish the Gizeh or Kamagol-II cult.

The Sirians back the Masonic-based Allied forces in World War II while the Orionites back the Jesuit-based Axis forces. The underground networks under the Himalayas are divided between reptiloid factions operating within the caverns of Patalas [capital Bhoga-Vita] and humanoid factions operating within the caverns of Agharti [capital Shambhala-the-Lesser]. The Nazis themselves being allied with the Patalans and the Kamagol-II group while the Americans ally themselves with the Aghartians and the western branch of the same based in the sub-city of “Telos” below Mt. Shasta, California. The same old Sirian/Orion wars, using planet earth as the staging ground. The ancient “cult of the serpent” which began in Babylon resides within the Grant Orient Lodges of Egyptian Freemasonry and the other interlocking lodges to which it is connected.

The axis forces lose [temporarily] World War II, however the Jesuits continue their ongoing infiltration of the Masonic lodges that began in 1776 with the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt and the so-called Scottish Rite within the Jesuit college of Clermont in France. While this is occurring on earth the Orionites are working relentlessly to “hack” the Ashtarian electronic collective which links member worlds together via psionic subspace transceiver implants. The computer-based collective is successfully infiltrated by the Orion forces, who begin using psyho-spiritual propaganda and manipulation to turn the Ashtar collective towards their agenda, masquerading as “Ascended Masters”. A 9 ft. reptiloid named Hatonn feigns “defection” from the Kamagol-Draco-Orion group and insinuates himself into a position of ‘master scribe’ for the Ashtar collective, however his continued involvement with the Draco-Orion backed “ULTRA” bases under Antarctica and New Mexico suggest that he is actually a double agent, and certainly he shares the same anti-Semitic views as his “Nazi” allies under Antarctica.

Axis forces escape to Antarctica, Argentina, and even North America, infiltrating the military-industrial, intelligence, psychiatric, petro- chemical and other levels, creating a fascist corpocrasy which begins siphoning trillions of dollars “down the tubes” into their military industrial empire, where the early Nazi treaties with the Draco-Orion forces continue. The U.S. govt. also falls into the alien treaty trap. An intelligence war breaks out between Orion=Kamagol-Jesuit-Nazi forces operating in the NSA’s AQUARIUS and MAJI agencies, and anti-grey factions of the military operating within the NAVY’s COM-12 and CABAL agencies.

The CIA, MJ-12 and DON are used as mediator agencies by the Orion factions and as “moles” through which to gain access to the remaining patriotic factions of the military, and begin to win the “intelligence war” through counter infiltration of the Navy and “suicide assassinations” like that of Navy Admiral Boorda and others who resist the “New World Order” [which is a joint collaboration between Luciferian, Draconian, and Human sorcerers based ultimately under the Gizeh plateau].

The Navy learns that it is dealing with techno-psycho-sorcerers motivated by astral parasites and that they can only come to parity at best with the intellect and technology of the alien group mind, leaving the only possible battleground where victory can be obtained being in the supernatural realm, since the astral parasites which incarnate and link the aliens together into the “hive” mind are entirely dependent on their material hosts just as the material aliens are entirely dependent on the astral parasites… the two being unable to succeed without the other. The astral entities which incarnate the aliens are also capable of “projecting” into human bodies to possess their minds, or to abduct human astral forms, or even serve as the “masterminds” behind armies of mindless bacteria and viruses within a human body, directing these viruses in unison to carry out physically destructive “missions” to destroy humans who are a threat to their agenda, UNLESS those humans are tapped in to a higher spiritual/supernatural source than the aliens are.

Several Christian abductees exercising their ‘faith’ begin to frustrate the alien agenda in that the aliens are entirely dependent on empowerment from their ‘astral’ benefactors to maintain the key to their success… i.e. their ability to channel vamperial demonic energies via black magic in order to paralyze and control the minds of humans. Alien forces however continue to infiltrate, fearing that the Navy might realize that the only way they can defeat them is in the supernatural. The greys, and their repti-poltergeist overlords [Genesis ch. 3 – Revelation ch. 12] begin a massive campaign of anti Christian propaganda to prevent U.S. military forces from realizing that the aliens are symbiotic astral-material beings, and that the only means to defeat them is essentially for the generals and chaplains to begin working together to fight a nemesis that has resulted in the collapsing of the ancient barriers between the spiritual and material worlds. The symbiotic reptilian-poltergiest races of Draconis-Orion continue in their infiltration of the Ashtar collective.

The infiltration of the Ashtar collective especially in Sirius-B allows the Draco-Orion forces to infiltrate and conquer one particular planet in Sirius-B, formerly inhabited by ‘Nordics’ yet the reptiloids began to infiltrate and “replace” the humanoids via shape-shifting, technosis, plasto-genetic surgery, and laser-holograms or a combination of the above. Another planet in Sirius-B [Bellaton] remained however under human control. The Draco-Orion backed planet in Sirius-B begins a massive campaign to amass a huge military space armada of warships for the purpose of invading planet earth strategically at a time when the eco-political systems are collapsing [with the help of their fifth column agents already one earth]. The invasion is scheduled for 2004 [the REAL purpose for most abductee programming], and the invasion force intends to join with their fifth column forces on and under planet earth [Kamagol-II cult and its extensions at Pine Gap Australia and Dulce/Los Alamos New Mexico] to enforce the New World Order’s electronic “assimilation” of the planet into the Draco- Orion “Hive” into which much of the Ashtar collective itself has since been assimilated. The purpose is so that planet earth and its unique animal, vegetable, chemical, liquid, mineral, genetic-metagene, energy and electromagnetic resources along with time-space vortex gates above and below ground can be assimilated so that planet earth can be used as a staging base to attack the enemies of the “Hive” on other worlds and in other dimensions.

The Ashtar collective in Sirius splits down the middle, one faction siding with the non-interventionist and the other with the interventionist forces. Deadly civil war erupts in Sirius as efforts are made to prevent the armada from leaving the system. Because of the sheer mass of the armada [some ships up to 500 miles long], they must travel the 9 light years to earth at sub-light speeds, but they have calculated their arrival time to be around 2004, give or take a year. Federation forces enter the Sol system to “blockade” vanguard Draco-Orionite ships, smaller carriers capable of hyperspace travel, and massive battles occur at the edge of our system in the mid-1990’s. Many ships are lost on both sides, but several Draco- Orionite vessels make it to earth to join-up with their subterran forces, and try to rescue other of their comrades from parallel dimensions in which they have become trapped as a result of Federation missions to destroy fourth dimensional time-branches which are energized by feeding off of the main timeline in a parasitical manner. These localized fourth dimensional time branches were illegally created by Draco-Orion-Sirian interference with earth’s space-time-dimension energy matrix. Along with Andromedan, Pleiadean, Procyonese, and Tau Cetian forces involved in the Solar “blockade”, a force from Capella also assisted in the blockade. The Capellans are a reptilian yet female-dominated society, once slaves of the insectilian “white greys” from Epsilon Bootes who had infiltrated the Capellan world under order from the central empire in Alpha Draconis. Many incoming regressive vessels were destroyed as a result of the bravery of these female reptilian warriors from Capella. In spite of this the “blockade” is starting to buckle, and the Federation may not be able to stop the main Draco-Orion fleet from Sirius-B from entering our system just following the turn of the century. It may now be up to us and God to keep planet earth free. Our negative energies literally FEED the regressive forces, because they are Luciferian backed, so the key to defeating the enemy without is to defeat the enemy within.

Meanwhile the Draco-Orion forces are using a frozen planet just outside of our system, actually a protostar that did not have enough mass to generate stellar fusion and instead condensed into a large frozen planet the size of Jupiter, detectable only by infra-red [IRIS] satellites. Code named “Nemesis” by government insiders, the planet is being used by the Draco-Orion imperial forces as a cryogenic holding place for Draco warriors. Nemesis has been sending carrier ships, actually excavated asteroids, to earth from Nemesis ever since two of them entered geosynchronous orbits simultaneously around earth in 1952, causing quite a stir among astronomers and leading to the “negotiations” at Holloman and Muroc/Edwards Air Force Bases in spite of dire warning by Federation representatives [who landed at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida] to have absolutely nothing to do with the “greys” from the asteroid carrier ships, as they could not be trusted. Possibly due to heavy infiltration of the NSA from regressive subterran forces allied to the orbiting “greys”, the U.S. government ignored the warnings of the Federation and went ahead with negotiations. Some claim that the NSA was already allied to the sub-terran greys and the negotiations with their off-planet allies was nothing more than the next logical step. Nemesis is still sending “asteroids” into the Sol system, one of the latest being 1620-Geographos. The Martian moon Phobos is also controlled by Greys, allegedly the home base of some 2000 “original greys” capable of egg-reproduction, which serve as the genetic source for the millions of grey “clone-drones” which are operating within the Sol system. These asteroid-carriers are used as staging bases for planet earths subversion, and for abduction/programming missions. Three asteroid-carriers — one of each controlled by Alpha Draco, Rigel Orion and Sirius-B forces — enter the system under the cover of Hale-Bopp’s cometary tail, and “jump ship” as Hale-Bopp rounds the Sun, taking up orbits around Mercury.

The Orion-backed Jesuit lodge and the Sirian backed Masonic lodge [long since infiltrated by Orion-back forces] establish a collaboration of convenience known as the Bilderberger society [13 Masons, 13 reptiloid shape-shifting “Jesuits”, and 13 black nobility members control this group]. All are working towards the establishment of the New World Order. The massive infiltration of the Masonic controlled military-industrial complex by Orion backed fascists following WW-II, and in turn the M.I.C.’s underground networks, has set the stage for America’s downfall [or what’s left of America after the ancient ‘Babylonian’ spirits invaded and took control of most of the ‘system’ as it is being run from Washington D.C.]. The enemy is posed to attack from above [Draconians], from below [Black Ops], and from without [Machievellian U.N. pawns]. If the forces of truth and liberty on earth are destroyed, then the forces of darkness will use this planet at a staging base to spread their empire and their poison throughout the galaxy.

Are we going to let that happen? We can not win alone, we need a power greater then ourselves. Is the key found in the 12 chapter of the book of Revelation, where we read how Michael the Archangel will wage war with those reptilian forces that have allied themselves with the Luciferian conspiracy… the “war in heaven”!?