Republic Update

Received via email…..

New USN currency has been moved out of central bank vaults and military bases via heavily armed escort and placed into position inside all active redemption locations.

Hundreds of quintillion’s of USN (liquid, ledger to ledger digital funds) meant for exchange account transfers have long been seeded, settled and made accessible via the Wells Fargo / HSBC / Bank of China / AIIB tiered trading platform of guaranteed arbitrage–whenever first basket currencies are allowed to be harvested.

Every imaginable military, special forces, federal and local law enforcement agency are on the highest tactical alert at this hour.

Tremendous security precautions have been taken land, air and sea to guarantee your safe passage way to and from your exchange location.

US Wells Fargo exchange locations were told in meetings on Sunday 8pm EDT to expect the first wave ZIM redeemers anytimeMonday.

Private Wealth Management representatives were also told the RV will be “Hidden In Plain Sight”, and thus are sitting around at desks across all banking chains nervously awaiting first wave redeemers before Western markets open for business Monday.

Mass Media Outlets are poised to assist in public distractions with new Wikileaks emails about a salacious tie-in between Clinton/Obama/Biden/Benghazi/

Private Servers/Clinton Foundation/Saudi Arabia/Israel/9-11/Voter Fraud/AIPAC scandal that will drive all three out of public life forever.

Donald Trump is poised and ready to yield the nomination to the Republican Party and make way for the Republic to be announced as restored per the US Constitution.

Speaker of the House/Interim President Paul Ryan sits ready with his new Republic Congress to pass a flurry of amended laws that replace the sins of the brief but historic recent past indiscretions under USA, Inc rule.

Zimbabwe is posed to announce on October 31 their new gold holdings and currency bonds that demonstrate new access to their 13 million metric tones of gold and abundant supply of rare earth elements.

China, Russia and India stand ready to announce their gold holdings on November 1 as well in order to catapult mass consciousness into the reality theres a new global gold standard of monetary value already in place.

Folks, the entire geopolitical, military and financial chessboard changed beneath the feet of all game pieces worldwide, and very, very soon all will suddenly be told to look down and witness that everything has benevolently been improved without their knowing.

This can only be the work of a higher mind–with divine guidance–and complete human complicity.  There’s just no other explanation.

Yet a few of you were chosen, alerted by their better angels to both notice these heavenly changes and act accordingly in order to prepare an economic pathway of mercy for all others still fast asleep here on earth.

You were 1 of 144,000.  Mazel Tov!  ZIM rates for each of you will range as high 12,000 with the right international humanitarian projects and domestic job creation presentation.  Sobeit.

Humanity is freeeeeeeeeeeeeee… freeeeeeeeeee… freeeeeeeeeeee….

Aloha Ke Akua