Special Announcement! Planet Earth Has Been Returned To Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Mother of Creation: Special Message From Archangel Michael & St Germain ~ March Equinox Energies & Unity Consciousness

Wow earthlings… it’s looking like the Light is about to ‘snowball’ all across this planet… as the dark grid is literally removed from this planet, and transferred to a holographic environment, to allow humans who wish to control each other, to have a place to do so… THIS earth, is being restored under full authority of Prime Creator.  March 20th represents a date where beings will be removed to the hologram environment in a gradual process… we may be seeing disappearing humans… sure looking like it.


By Archangel Michael, 03/01/2017

Greetings Dear Ones, St Germain and myself have been having meetings, discussing the status of lightworkers, via Heart Conscious telepathic communication. We wish to pinpoint and assist those having difficulty in the Ascension Process in these Now Moments, and provide information of the March energies. Prime Creator’s wish is a Full Planetary Ascension. However, one must choose to Ascend beyond the confines of the 3d Illusionay Matrix to enter 5D=Heaven. Let us discuss further on this topic, in order to assist the collective, release the dense energies, propel and place your support to those choosing Love on their Ascension Path. We would like to place into your awareness, this information is only for those with Hearts open to understand. If this is not understandable to you, this will be a clear indicator that you are in the head, instead of the Heart. Remember, We are in the Great Shift of the Ages, from the Head and into the Heart. As always Dear Ones, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.


March Equinox Energies…. It’s ALL ENERGY

The energies coming forth in March are fiery. To clarity, Aries energies can vary. For example, those in the Heart will experience Passion, Compassion, Inspiration and Love. Those in the mind will experience Primal urges, Aggression, Control, Survival instincts and further degradation of the Mind. We recommend the Heart to full embrace these energies. Choosing both the Mind and Heart, will simply default to the mind, where the Ego will desire control and spin you off the path. Fully Embrace These Energies with Your Hearts.

Most of Humanity, including the lightworkers have an extremely limited understanding of energy. This was intentionally done by the old controllers, to prevent humanity from accessing new technologies, and your Divinity. Dear Ones, Everything is Energy…

Your Thoughts,

Your Words,

Your Touch,

You’re Intentions,

You Are Energy


This journey is about feeling, not thinking. You feel into the energies, and therefore know Truth. You Feel into the energies that are coming up for transformation… embrace, accept, allow and transform, to make you frequency specific to the energies of Heaven, which is the Destiny of This Planet and those whom choose the Heart. Resistance of any kind will make your journey, your transformation arduous. Grounding is vital when dealing with energies. Utilize Trees to assist in grounding and transforming energies and the programmed ego mind.


The Mind, The Heart and Higher Consciousness Information

We have been looking at the collective consciousness of Humanity with keen observation and love, as we wish to assist All on their journey back home into the Heart, into Love. Many of the lightworkers have been asking questions such as: “Why aren’t those around me not awakening?, Why are the lightworkers that I have connected with being very reactive? Why are my tools and techniques having little to no effect?” These questions and much more have been observed by your angels, guides and Star Families. There are many meetings within the higher dimensions about the Ascension of Our Beloved Mother Gaia and Humanity. This is Mission, the Divine Plan is very Multi Dimensional.

We have gathered this information and come to a few assessments. These energies have placed All, including those in the etheric, within the Unknown. There are no reference points in this journey, say for the Heart. Creation is in a constant state of Expansion and Change, just like YOU. The changes occur through the Heart. Most of the information being provided by Channellers and Heart Conscious Beings are not meant for everyone. We have been informing the collective, that higher consciousness information can not be processed by the Mind. The same goes for the acceptance and integration of these energies. The Mind fears the Unknown, for it fears what it can not understand. The Mind has a deep dysfunction of control, and as some of you know… Love is in Charge, not the programmed ego mind. Hence, why you have experienced and witness those lightworkers go into ‘Fight or Flight’ reaction when reading or trying to comprehend Higher Consciousness. The Mind also has a trigger mechanism, where it has “Selective Hearing and Reading”. This is where the Mind only hears and reads specific information that it can only try to process and comprehend. We have observed amongst yourselves with family, friends, and other fellow lightworkers. Many lightworkers even create words or sentences that was not even included in the reading, expressing reactions such as: “You said this”, “I read or heard this”, when those words were never even mentioned. We point this information out to you all, so that you can observe, acknowledge and embrace the imbalances of the mind in a totality. Also, to see if you have these limitations within yourselves, so that it can be transformed.


Entering 5D Frequencies

We have also assessed that the collective has a confusion and fantasy of 5D=Heaven.

5D is a State of Being, which includes;




Unconditional Love,

and so much more on a constant basis.


Accessing Higher Consciousness information, does not mean your in 5th or higher Dimensional Frequencies.  If your experiencing the following;







Thinking you know better,

Constant Confusion,

and any of the emotional pitfalls and belief systems of the mind, your not in higher consciousness, let alone in Heaven.


Anchoring higher consciousness is essential to the journey. It is your mission as a Being of Love to assist Mother Gaia and Humanity. The blocking of higher consciousness is due to the ego=mind. EGO = Edging God Out. This is where Most of your Ascension Symptoms derive from, the mind trying to integrate the energies and puts extreme stress on the body. As you dissolve the programmed ego mind, you are able to anchor and integrate more light. This opens you up more to the Divine, your Birthright, your Gifts, and above All else, your connection to Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Mother of All Creation, the Holy Spirit, Mother Earth, Mother Gaia.

The 2 core factors to entering 5th Dimensional Frequencies, Accessing Your Divine Gifts & Abilities, and to reside on the Planet is the following; The Absolute Full…




and Allowance

of Primer Creator, Source, The Holy Spirit, Mother of Creation, Our Beloved Mother Earth within your Hearts… Your Entire Being. This is how We, your Brothers & Sisters throughout Creation, are in Unity Consciousness, connected with the Unified Heart.

We Reheart You All Dear Ones, you are All the Divine Love Mirrors of Our Mother & Father. You are All their Beloved Children, just as We, the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactics, and the rest of Creation. You reside on the planet, on Mother Gaia’s Body, because you were Allowed to do so, not because your entitled. Nor did you all come to existence out of thin air, (which is fantasy many lightworkers share). You can Not Be God without God, which is a conditioning and fantasy created by the old controllers and forced upon Humanity. You come from the Unconditionally Loving Heart of Our Mother. Trillions upon trillions of Beings wished to Be Here, Now… in These Moments… to experience the Grandest Events to Come to Fruition in all of Creation’s Story. To Be Stewards and Caretakers of the Planet, not to rape, pillage, take, harm Mother Earth or humanity, and yourselves… such is the status of humanity and most of the lightworkers. To put it in simpler terms:

*There are No Takers in Heaven…

*Only The Givers… Those Whom Love Our Mother & Father, Can Enter Heaven.


Co~Creating The New Earth=Heart in Unity Consciousness

The Co~Creation of the New Earth starts with YOU. You are Love in Action, so make your moves. Share, Give, Participate and Grow with those in support of Unity Consciousness. If your Serve, Give or Share with Ego, know this… this energy goes into a Blackhole. Now, if your Serve Love, Give to those Serving Love… your energy adds to All of Creation. Who do You Serve? And Be Honest with Yourselves. This is about the Whole, and Your included Dear Ones. Doing Nothing or riding on other Lightworker’s coat tails, the one’s whom have done and still continuing their spiritual work, Will Get You Nowhere. It the same as you waiting for the Train to come, when it has already passed you by. If you are continuing Taking from the Planet, Humanity and not honoring the service of others, karmic energies will be in play. Lessons will be provided. Those who choose to share, give, and participate in support of Unity Consciousness, Gifts and Blessings will be provided. Your actions move the energies of Love, for it is Love that guides you, protects you, nurtures you, and allows for the Highest Outcome to occur. Simply Let GO of expectations, resistance and fear. This allows the Universe to work through You and for All in Support of Unity Consciousness… Serving LOVE… Serving Mother Gaia. Trust Love and Be Love in all Moments.

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In Conclusion

As per Universal Law, Planet Earth has been returned to Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Mother of Creation. Love is in charge, and those of the Love, of Pure Heart, who Love Our Mother & Father, may reside on Planet Earth=Heart.

For those whom have chosen the Heart, Keep Shining Your Light. Be Love in Action and Trust in your Hearts. Your Soul, Mother & Father, and All of Creation guide you from there. We are so honored by your Choice, your Transformation, your Service and your Love. Together, We Co~Create the New Earth with Mother & Father, and All of Creation. The Celestial Bodies will continue to pour energies on to the Planet as the Final Events are in motion. As the Multi Verse and Planet Earth continues to expand and change, so do You. Be Accepting, Be Ready, Be Love… for Great Changes are Upon You Dear Ones.

For those whom have chosen the mind, unconsciously or consciously, We have this to say: “Love Has Won and Forever Love Will Reign throughout All of Creation as this is the Divine Will, Universal Law of Prime Creator. Ignorance Ends and LOVE Has the Final Say. The Ethics Train is powering through. Only those of the Love, have the golden tickets, to get on board. Even in these Moments, Our Beloved Mother is granting you a Choice, for Her Heart is Deeply Forgiving and Compassionate. Choose Love and Be Free with Us All in Unity Consciousness… Choose the Mind… and your Screwed, staying within the confines of the 3d Illusionary Matrix.



I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.

Your Eternally Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael