SerialBrain2 — Trump, Q and the Beauty of D5

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q post number 2565 refers to TWO great new Q proofs from President Trump himself…

‘Scott Free = WWG1WGA
Q0 = Q+
At what point do they WAKE UP?’

The ‘they’ that Q is referring to is the mainstream media. Everyone is waiting for a reporter to ask the loaded question about the giant elephant in the room: ‘Who or what is Q?’

Lisa Mei Crowley’s Twitter thread includes two tweets that explain the Q post really well…

2. ‘Epic trolling by POTUS (a.k.a Q+)! AF1 (Airforce One) call sign today was Q0. The + is on 0 on phone pad > confirmation Q+ is on AF1!’

4. ‘Between President Trump tweeting “Scott Free” on 3rd Dec [Production company for White Squall (movie) where WWG1WGA and CBTS (Calm Before The Storm) are referenced], and today’s use of call sign Q0 (Q+), anyone still calling Q a LARP is either in denial or a shill who KNOWS Q is the real deal.’

Lisa Mei discusses the Bush funeral in this tweet in the thread…

3. ‘Lots of speculation/uncorroborated reports re: what may have taken place during 41’s funeral on Wednesday (Bush was the 41st US President). Strange envelopes seen being opened/read by HRC (Hillary Clinton) and others. Q says operators are ACTIVE. In the IC (Intelligence Community), “operators” can also mean intel operators. Either way, something is going down!’
(Lisa Mei Crowley tweets)

I explain terms in brackets for newcomers to the Q material. It has become a sophisticated world of acronyms, abbreviations, numbers and dates that could be bewildering to someone just finding Q.

As Jordan Sather says in his latest video, the Alliance has taken out the Deep State’s communication network. They are resorting to ‘secretly’ slipping notes to each other in public, like naughty school children in the classroom. There is a slight problem though – EVERYTHING they do is filmed. We get to see it all. There is, literally, nowhere for them to hide any more.

Now that the funeral charade is over, the Alliance can get on with the business of arrests and tribunals. Bring it on!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)