[12.8] Huge Q+ Proof | Scaramucci Confirms Q? | Pole Shift | Solar Storms | Sound Levitation


Today’s Links:

NYT Reporters Tweet – https://bit.ly/2C0bb63

Wild theories and empty seats at CPAC-style conference for the MAGA set – https://politi.co/2ElkfFa

Liz Crokin Trafficking Bill Tweet – https://bit.ly/2QAcxwD

How The CIA Used Brain Surgery To Make Six Remote Control Dogs – https://bit.ly/2RHVPIL

Massive solar flare to bring chaos, inflict $2 trillion in damage – bank’s ‘outrageous’ prediction – https://bit.ly/2E93U5o

Earth’s magnetic poles could start to flip. What happens then? – https://bit.ly/2QnOFNp

Scientists levitate objects by just POINTING at them – https://dailym.ai/2EaCFar

Could the world’s first bee vaccine save honeybees? – https://dailym.ai/2L4U1au