Greetings all, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

This, we usually do not do. Write about the who/what/why/when/where/how/ of the RV/GCR. But in the past few weeks we have had some readers email us questions regarding the RV/GCR.

Today we write about this, not to discourage anyone, but to simply assist a few who feel a bit lost, as far as this RV/GCR is concerned.

Inquiry: Are the rates as high as some of the intel providers are saying?

First thing we will say is NO. Second, many of these “intel gurus” like to fantasize a little too much. Also quite a few of these so called “intel gurus” sell these currencies on eBay and else where. Which is why they start all the “hype”. So they get more customers to buy their currency. They know who they are. And like “ruthless businessmen”, they use “sweet” language, “exaggerate everything” to con-vince(vince=conquer) the reader/buyer.

For instance, claiming that the ZWD will Revalue at 1.00ZWD to 100USD, or higher. The Iraqi Dinar Revaluing at 1.00IQD to 10.00USD, or higher. And so on. This includes the sovereign rates and humanitarian rates also. It does not matter who you are, or what your plans for the future may be, you simply are NOT exchanging 1.00ZWD for 100.00USD. The most you may get for any currency exchange is 1 to 3 dollars higher than the international rate is at that moment.

A very brief history of the Iraqi Dinar;

*In 1932 the IQD was valued at US$4.86 – Because it was pegged to the British Pound.
*The IQD devalued in 1949 – US$2.80
*In 1973 the IQD went back up – US$3.39
*In 1982 it stood at – US$3.22(the most likely rate when it Revalues).
*In 2003; US$0.00027 – In 2006; US$0.00067

The highest the IQD currency will Revalue at is $3.50

These currencies(vnd, iqd, zwd, and more) will only be Revalued to their original worth, which is nothing close to the claims made by some intel providers.

Inquiry: Do we still get reasonable rates even if we don’t have any plans laid out for humanitarian projects?

Yes. You will get the international rate. If you wish you may negotiate with the bank also for a slightly higher rate.

Inquiry: What are the rates for humanitarian projects?

You hear of getting a higher value for humanitarian projects, it is true this was in the works but it may be ‘canceled’. Reason being that when all is set and done with the RV/GCR, very few will be left that actually FOLLOW THROUGH with the humanitarian projects. If special rates are still given for humanitarian projects, they will not be ‘out of this world’. But than again, just an example, exchanging 1iqd for 3.50usd, that is a blessing, so be ‘humble’ with your bank agent.

Assistance besides GCR money, will be available for those that truly wish to part take in humanitarian projects, but one must present evidence of such plans in order to receive this assistance.

Inquiry: Will we have to pay tax on this exchange?

We highly doubt this. If we are required to do so, it will be a very small amount. The Federal Reserve will be dissolved or taken over by the good guys by the time we get to exchange.

Inquiry: In the US everyone over 21 years old will receive $100,000 a month for the next 12 years?

It is our understanding that such claims as the one above are mere speculation. The whole idea of NESARA is simple, deliver the ‘most necessary’ things to people. It is not to make everyone a millionaire as this would cause more chaos than forward movement. $2,500 a month for a family of 4. This plan has been laid out for quite a while. The New US Dollar will be Gold Backed, yes, it will be worth a lot more, so people may not need as much for food and a roof over their head. Remember, taxes will be eliminated. We also must not forget that once NESARA/GESARA goes public, this doesn’t mean everyone stops working.

$2,500 will most likely be a world wide amount, given to each family. Now in a third world country, that is a lot. And they are first in line to receive assistance.

You may add to that the return of all the illegal income taxes that have been collected from the people back to the people, all is on record. Again this may not commence six months to a year after NESARA goes public.

Inquiry: Will people receive 800 numbers outside the USA?

The main reason 800 numbers were put in place for the USA is because the largest currency holders are within the USA. So once the GCR is announced people in other countries may very well be able to just walk in to a major bank and exchange or walk in and set an appointment personally.

The Brightest Light Shines From Within. I am KejRaj(KayRy).