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RV Intel – Yosef & Tank Call Notes & Audio 8-31-2016

Call Notes by Mr.Ed

Cabal all arrested…removed or dead…not to be a problem for this event.
obama removed from America by good guys to keep him away from this event.

Starts after midnight tonight (Wed)

Extremely high rates for the Zim bonds. This is a gift from heaven. Only once in history.

Zim 571 and face value (no zeros dropped)

Sovereign rates: (no zero deletions)

571 – zim (5.7 Quad for 1 note $100T Zim)
168 – dinar
113 – dong
71 rupiah
10 – afghani
70 – rial (IF it goes in the first basket)

anything in between is fine. Whatever you can negotiate.

(My note not on call: Donald Trump net worth $4.5B)

Prez of Brazil left the country.

obama has left this country.

NESARA / GESARA is happening and the RV / GCR is one part of it.

Sept 1 to Sept 2 is our day.

Paul Ryan replaces obama

Trump holds a lot of currency.

He will drop from race and was the plan all along.

Clinton will go to jail or drop out for poor health.

No elections in Nov. Must have new prez by Jan 5th

Republic in full charge of America now.

NDA required

rainbow bills coming

you are all now a philanthropist the rest of your life


Yosef-Tank Bridge Call – 3 hours, 46 minutes – 71.8 megs

The entire call, from when he comes onto Real Truth Call and chats for a few minutes with Dr WC and then goes right into the bridged call with Tank.

The most amazing recap is actually at the last 45 minutes of this call.