Regaining Control of Money Would Solve EVERYTHING

How do we solve healthcare, immigration, our crumbling infrastructure, national debt, energy needs, and the political structure that ignores the best possible solutions for the planet?

Well, there is only one answer. Civilization must regain control of money. Unless we disempower the Central Bank of every nation, civilization will continue its path of self-destruction through greenhouse gases.

How can this be achieved? By restoring Real Democracy to create and control the different types of money. Humans on a global scale must dismantle Banking’s exclusive rights to create money. Eventually, this will lead to the scientific management of Earth’s resources.

To arrive at this new stage of development our collective mindset must acknowledge two things.

1) The root of every social problem we encounter is due to the structure of money from Central Banking.

2) The higher educations of an MBA and MEC which support the imprisonment of humans and Earth to money, also needs dismantling for there is nothing masterful in those teachings.

They are harmful educations that perpetuate the system and box civilization into old ideas. What a world we have weaved when limiting thought structures are presented as highly intelligent.

What we view as separate nations of banking is not the case.

A Central Bank has been embedded into almost every nation. What the masses do not understand, is that they are linked through the Bank For International Settlements (BIS).

This structure is the final construct of the powerful banking families – Morgan, Rothschild, Warburg, and Schiff – who have entangled all forms of currency (excluding Bitcoin) to a powerful portfolio behind an extensive list of nations.

I find it amazing that the world is still enslaved to a small group of families, and so should you. As Bernie Sanders would say, let’s be clear: families through a birthright run the world.

One is either born into the banking power or adopted in because they agree to continue the principle of ruling by money. The King concept that cultures have applied all through time has not changed one bit. This means that the foundation of civilization has not advanced either.

The King concept is merely camouflaged while driving through what appears to be an advanced society of decorative buildings and fancy gizmos, where inappropriately, many of the communication technologies are deliberately used to cloak the ruling structure.

CBS News, ABC, NBC, and Fox are corporate platforms out to make America and capitalism look good, while spinning or ignoring the more severe damage our nation applies to humanity.

TV news is one form of sugar coating that helps hide the ruling class of Central Banking. Is that any different than communism controlling its news media?

The BIS formed in 1930 during the stock market crash. Per their website, they are the oldest international financial organization. I would describe this organization as the refined progression of the banking system George Washington and Thomas Jefferson fought against in 1776.

Our forefathers were not in a fight against the British Empire, they were fighting the Bankers who owned England by way of debt.

The American Revolution was about a young nation printing their own money to bypass borrowing as a government, from the generational banking system that existed yesterday which now hangs over every human as a globally institutionalized structure.

Undeniably, “Organization” is the key word. Can we take the next step and call it a criminal cartel? Why not, when looking at the facts of war and planned poverty?

One goal of the BIS is to make sure that money across the globe exists in the hands of the few, and remains stable and does not crash due to its nature of being unreal in the first place.

Don’t let their nice words on the BIS website fool you, as if they are working things out between different banks.

The Cowboys of Central Banking have circled their wagons so that the native Indians do not regain control of money. The BIS has positioned Central Banking as the most influential structure ruling the world.

Though I cannot prove it, I believe nothing happens on a global scale within the powerhouse nations without BIS consent. Example: If the BIS sanctioned Russia’s invasion of Crimea over oil money owed to the system, this would produce little physical resistance from other nations.

A sanctioned intrusion could account for the smoothest invasion on record and why America never responded as they would have during the cold war. In other words, the banking governors running Ukraine’s National Bank tried to screw the system, and the system took care of them.

To make it look good, the G8 followed the nationalism script and exhaled a bunch of hot air with no actual intervention.

Is that a crazy idea? If you consider the ruse pulled over American Democracy as if it were a real and functioning democratic society, and ultimately controlled by Central Banking and their corporations – is a worldwide stage of deception that far off?

How?… Is a good question.

The BIS system is the Central Bank to the Central Banks. This privately owned international banking organization is in the business of creating money for every nation as a debt and interest structure.

So it appears that all money, worldwide, excluding North Korea and a few smaller countries, is under their control. That control is the exercise of sanctions and money manipulations that they call settlements.

To an undetermined degree, Russia may fall outside the structure for it is hard to tell who is inside their Central Bank. Some say the Rothschild clan and others do not.

But when calculating Russia’s latest moves of a semi disconnection and the buying of gold as insurance against a systemic crash, they could be looking at a complete disconnect from international banking, which would hint that Russia is not a full partner to the BIS system through a more complex set of bank wiring.

A theory such as: it is not the norm for a government leader, Putin, having direct control of a Central Bank. Perhaps he and his banking team have grown tired of the BIS’s ability to sanction on an international level?

Or might they see a worldwide collapse of debt that they are preparing for? Russia’s banking revisions do not mean that they are missing the perks of the BIS system. On the contrary, they are all about the business of capitalism.

The Central Banks are also responsible for the military forces of each nation so that no Central Bank suffers a dismantlement by democracy.

What we view as a military force designed to protect the sovereignty of a nation, is actually a structure to defend the Central Banking system through a propped-up government of loyal cronies to the scheme of money.

The BIS system has kept governments, Earth’s resources, and humans enslaved to their money principles of eternal debt and interest on a worldwide platform.

These bankers could care less how the social structure of a nation manages humans, whether it is communism, socialism, fake democracy, dictatorship, theocracy, or autocracy – because they have enslaved all to an insane money system of debt.

So insane, that it requires a diverse portfolio to keep money solvent in their greedy little hands. When you shake hands with Mr. Potter, what do you feel? A slimy goo.

How did the BIS do all this? By granting Central Banking access to the top officials of a government, or creating top officials, with the goal of joining capitalism and the dream of making more money.

They appealed to human greed. It’s a sales pitch akin to: Come help run our bank as a hidden part of your government and you will receive a lavish lifestyle above your citizens, and with weapons to defend yourselves.

If an official goes sideways as in the case of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, sanctions are placed on the nation’s money, which leads to a phony election and a replacement is found.

The BIS was starving Iran’s Central Bank to remind the Iranian governors that we (the BIS) are in control. Hence, the more moderate Hassan Rouhani now runs Iran who convinced the rest of the cronies to play ball.

Now that the Iranian cronies are playing ball, the sanctions have lifted and a hefty sum of money returned. The officials of Iran now enjoy a lavish lifestyle and even bowed to limited use of nuclear material.

And, they are to keep selling oil to their sister Central Bank, Russia, the quasi-outside bank. But why? It allows the BIS to strengthen capitalism with Putin, which keeps the onslaught of American companies inside Russia happy.

This is what they would like to do with North Korea via war games as a threat, which acts as their formal invitation to diplomacy. Have no fear, the Central Bank of China is talking to Kim Jong-un.

They are telling him that Central Banking under the BIS organization is a great system with more power and money. The Chinese words translate like this:

“Let’s run your nation as debt structure and you will be paid handsomely to manage it. You will not lose power, but gain power.”

Many dictators have found out otherwise. Again, what does Mr. Potter do while shaking your hand? He lies.

Bankers are all about diversification as a hedge against loss. Having many types of money under their control is that hedge. It’s their shorting tactic and one that the bankers will not dismantle to a One World Money System.

All the talk about a New World Order taking shape is frivolous thought, because it is already here and abundantly placed. Now that Cuba has opened only North Korea remains to be conquered, which the G20 corporate umbrella is working on.

These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO

There is one beautiful aspect concerning this system. Globalization has ended the possibility of World War III. China and Russia are American business partners. If you doubt this, just ask Apple and Nike.

As for Russia, feel free to ask our American companies like Ford, PepsiCo, Procter Gamble, McDonald’s, Mondelez International, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, Cargill, Alcoa, General Electric and others who operate in Russia profitability.

And soon Exxon and Russia’s oil company, Rosneft, could be teaming up. Something Obama put a kink in for climate reasons.

Behind closed doors, the G20 is a unified front of capitalism applying pressure on North Korea to join the Central Banking party. The BIS wants control of all nukes so some stupid official doesn’t blow their money-making machines up.

This also means that the G20 will not attack each other in a devastating manner. It would be insane to think that America would attack China, for they would be attacking Apple and Nike.

China owns many businesses in America, plus our government bonds which fosters no intention of a war with America. The Chinese elites enjoy the money stream via the Central Banking system.

And the same goes for Russia, America would be attacking Ford and GM and their oil interests with Rosneft. Just how does Ford, GM, and Exxon make money after a conflict with Russia? Putin is looking forward to the extra money and the teaming of more corporations.

That is not the cold war landscape of spies and operatives; for now, we have companies and employees working in Russia. Are we to attack our own people?

Here’s the truth: Governments do not rule us, for the most part, they are forged entities ran by Central Banking and the corporations that grew from fractional money. We are ruled by corporations who control government.

We are ruled by a corporatocracy of where the money flows and the items that they want to bring to market. We continually overlook that corporations deliver our lifestyle, not governments.

All industrialized nations look and operate the same now. It’s only the cultural buildings which were left standing that diminishes this acknowledgment.

One crucial difference between nations is how a Central Bank and their corporations approach healthcare.

Do we let people die or do we help them on our dime by taking healthcare out of the money-making game?

I say this to offer a new view for Americans. We can stop blaming our government when it’s our corporations who are not playing a fair game of healthcare.

They don’t play fair across a wide spectrum of issues, just the way the board members like it. They want every dime like Mr. Potter does.

I can drive my many points home this way: Corporations put the soot on the Great Wall of China and the Colosseum in Rome. Certainly, corporations create most of our pollution, not governments. Corporations shape healthcare benefits.

Corporations get us addicted to drugs. Corporations strap us to endless products of which many break on purpose, though advertised differently. Corporations run us around in circles to get a fair resolution over an issue they have caused.

Corporations will dirty the waters and then lie with science to hide the truth. Corporations sardine us into planes and corporations foreclose on a home per banking laws. Governments carry out none of these actions.

Every action we suffer on a global scale is induced by some corporate entity, and in many cases, a government name attaches as a veil.

Perhaps we should stamp Inc. after every nation, e.g., America Inc., China Inc., Russia Inc., and so on. Maybe this would help us to realize that governments are corporations now that capitalism has won the war against communism.

How detailed is the education of capitalism in America? Enough detail to make the American masses believe that capitalism is the best system ever invented and the exact form of freedom that our forefathers bled for.

We can call that education the teaching of the American Dream to chase a stick dangling the carrot of living rich and wealthy – the same tool that allowed the BIS to install a Central Bank in foreign lands.

So why the different story the leaders of governments voice? Governments are filled with a vacuum of hot air and will circle that air as strife between nations to keep us in Fear, so they may engage in their other profit center – weapons.

Weapons that are used to keep the Central Banking structure alive. Such is the case in Syria. Americans and Russians are fighting the terrorists who want to control the nation and its money.

Russia needs Syrian oil and so does Ford and GM who want reasonable gas prices in Russia to help sell their vehicles. The Russian elites make money on the oil, while Ford and GM make money on the vehicles.

Syria’s Central Bank of transferring oil into capitalism was a hard-earned structure, so it must remain standing and not taken down by the poor terrorists who would like to control the money of the region.

Henry Kissinger understood this principle:

Does one see how Putin is not an enemy to America, but an enemy to the average worker? He is one of the wealthiest humans on the planet because he works on behalf of his Central Bank and enjoys the privileges of unlimited funding.

Kissinger’s comment clearly explains why America and Russia joined forces in Syria to fight ISIS? To repeat, that fight is to make sure Syria’s Central Bank remains solvent. They like Bashar al-Assad because he is supplying capitalism.

The only people that would like to kill Assad are the Indians of his nation. Likewise, if the BIS did not like Assad, they would have taken him out years ago, just like they have done to other dictators and/or governments who buck their Central Banking system.

Every war has circled around installing a Central Bank or fixing a Central Bank. Industrialized governments are a facade to carry out that goal.  

How powerful is this system? The crash of 2008 showed us exactly how powerful. Over the space of a weekend, the Federal Reserve during the collapse of their investment banking legs, quickly rebuilt the dollar with new credit and new debt.

The top one percent put their minions to work – like Ben Bernanke, a BIS Member – so their power and wealth would remain in place.

To dispell the conspiracy sites on the internet that claim a one-world-money-system is in the making, that would make it harder for this type of instant resurrection to occur, hence their diverse portfolio.

When a government or a system of money fails, it is easier to rebuild the one from the many – such was the case with the United States and Greece.

This global system of debt is unsustainable now that electronic banking is the primary creation and accounting tool. Not one nation can realistically pay off their debt, which will lead to continual crashes of money and government in different regions of the world.

And the Central Banking structure simply does not care what type of human impact occurs. The BIS will rebuild or refinance debt to keep Central Banking alive.

It is a simple equation: Restructure and lend more to stay in control of money, while completely ignoring a sane system of money that requires no debt.

Every social problem humans experience across the global is a result of Central Banking. What would be a better system than Central Banking as a foundation for nations? The answer is a very simple concept developed by Ben Dyson called Positive Money based in the UK.

The philosophy looks like this: Instead of a Central Bank creating money for the economy through a debt structure, a democratic body stamps every dime of money and then spends it directly into the economy under a debt-free paradigm.

The Federal Government filters newly created money directly to the states, they take their slice for state projects and the rest filters down the counties and cities. Smaller groups of governing now dictate how to use money for a region.

This places ordinary people back in control of money under a true democracy to filter projects properly. Now average people engineer civilization with debt-free money rather than a corporation entangled by a bank and must seek higher profits to pay the bankers back.

That is economic growth for the bankers and displaces a growth of what is good for civilization. The average person knows what needs to be done in their neighborhoods, something the gated communities do not experience.

Cities that need more hospitals would contract out construction for more hospitals. Money enters the economy through positive construction. The bricklayers get paid, the framers get paid, the electricians get paid, the plumbers get paid, and the construction management team gets paid.

Now hospital construction is without debt and able to charge less for services. This would also allow democracy to control a CEO’s pay.

Who owns the hospitals? Certainly not a bank by way of a contrived note, just because they have the power to create money. In many cases, when a bank creates money for a project, they also create a note of ownership for themselves.

How moral is that system? It’s legalized theft is what it is. We The People would own the hospitals just as we share ownership of the highways.

If Mexico applied the same philosophy and dismantled their Central Bank, they could employ many people to construct an enjoyable infrastructure that their citizens would be proud of.

Trump’s wall would be unnecessary, once Mexico’s social structure is designed to improve civilization without the slowness of financing or the worries of a national debt. The Mexican citizens would have plenty of jobs when their government and construction companies no longer run to the bank to build something.

Every housing problem across many cities could be solved. Contracted corporations could build a housing project and homes could sell not under a mortgage, but under a tax system that circles money back to the State in which you live.

Your mortgage becomes a tax paid to the State rather than a payment to the bank. Oops, here comes that preconditioned communism term popping up in your head, as if slavery to the Central Banking system isn’t a form of communism.

Is there really a difference once a social structure becomes a slavery system to money?

And do you really care where your money goes when you make a house payment? In fact, would it not be better to loop money back to the state of CA. or NY., who would spend it right back into the economy for other projects that help civilization – without the debt and interest as a bank would?

I would rather pay a Democratic State than a greedy bank, they just might cut me some slack in challenging times. Lastly, “property rights” would remain in place and housing more inclined to move toward fair pricing.

Positive Money could make education free through college, and end the debt enslavement of a student beyond the means to buy home these days. A sad statistic per the American Community Survey: Roughly 47% of young adults 18 to 34 lived with their parents or a relative during 2015.

This means two things: there are not enough jobs and housing is too expensive, both can be solved with positive money.

Counties could contract out the construction of more schools and expand higher education and basic trade skills to everyone, without the need of property taxes. Simply because they control money without debt and interest.

The whole tax paradigm would change since the government is not borrowing money from the Central Bank.

The national debt moves to zero, which eliminates the mindless taxes to pay the banking system back. Government debt and taxes go hand in hand, a lesson they do not emphasize in school anymore.

Roll this program out to the third world countries and they will find a quicker way to modernization.

American corporations can travel overseas to build infrastructure for nations, minus all that debt the IMF and World Bank attaches to their country.

Energy, pharmaceutical, and high-tech companies who act harmfully would no longer find financing from banks that care less how the money is used. We could tailor corporations of all types to specific needs, like installing solar panels at a quicker pace.

For that type of control, banks would have to transform into a place where corporations and citizens merely store money. A true piggybank that holds no titles or power to rule over human life.

Put your mind to work and imagine all the benefits of using money without debt and interest as the Positive Money movement suggests. And don’t buy the Harvard and Yale economic degrees that this will lead to hyperinflation.

Quantitative Easing is no different than a democratic body controlling the spending of less money directly into the economy.

It’s the same damn principle of retracting money out of the economy. And just like now, subsidized rates would remain in place for food products to keep prices low.

A society of unlimited education, affordable housing, no national debt, and corporations with fair wages sounds like a pretty good deal for Main Street. And a very bad deal for Wall Street. Isn’t that the point?

There are many new bottom lines here:

Capitalism has won the war even though nations argue like family, but pull together to protect a Central Bank of cooperation.

Conversely, capitalism is a gluttonous lifestyle that is damaging to Earth and now greater harm is occurring as more nations become involved with materialism and the next product.

Striping Central Banking of the power to create money would change the language of politics, news media, columnists, op-ed pieces, and prime time commentary that never debates the main issue of how and by whom money is created.

All the pseudo-talking points that mirror the brainwashing of higher education into thinking that they are intelligent, will fade away.

Until then, those who talk about fixing society without fixing the nature of money – are amplifying hot air.

Here’s the sad part, they think that talking about the GDP, trade deficits, interest rates, exchange rates, the Dow and S&P, inflation, financial regulations, subsidies, taxes, etc., is intelligent talk per their education, rather than being what it is.

The complex weave of theories designed to keep the masses believing in the concept of money. If you look at the development of automation taking over all production of goods and services, money too is on the way out and so are the theories.

Positive Money is step one that leads to a moneyless world via automation. Therefore, the hot air of camouflage from all sources and government itself, must turn intelligent and resurrect the money concept of 1776.

The concept is simple: end the borrowing of money as a government and bypass Central Banking. As a nation who cares for the future of our species, relearn to print your own money that the banking cartel may store, but not control.

This would produce a Real Democracy on a global scale with the tools to solve every distasteful human condition without debt and interest.

What would democracy build after gaining a full control of money? A resourced-based economy much like The Venus Project, where money is no longer necessary due to automation?

It’s the only intelligent solution for civilization and certainly ends all forms of GDP talk, since capitalism was never an intelligent idea in the first place.

I argue that humans are unconsciously building the automated world and when our children grow up, they will recognize and embrace a system of civilization that enables future generations to thrive.

Our children will dismantle Central Banking because it was too detrimental for a small group of humans to run the planet.

Regarding this future, I offer youth an old lesson on banking that disappeared from your education with a new direction to cover its growth: To end the banker’s legalized manipulations of your fellow human, who may kick a family to the streets over the concept of money and debt.

You kids will have to dismantle the Central Bank to the Central Banks – the Bank For International Settlements. May the money concept of 1776 re-enter your schools very soon, because it is not a wonderful life. Mr. Potter is winning.

By Karl Gary, Guest author