Quality of Life, End of Lock Down — Rinus Verhagen

Quality of Life, End of Lock Down -- Rinus Verhagen


Friday, April 24, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor April 23, 2020 Dear readers, we are currently seeing what the globalists are ro… EyeTheSpy Tweets on Alternative Media Discussing Troop MovementX22 Report — Episode 1981: Trump’s Globalist Message Received, Trump Holds the PowerBreaking the Norm; the Hidden Sharia

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

April 23, 2020

Dear readers, we are currently seeing what the globalists are rolling out, indoctrinating the population to voluntarily walk up with a muzzle for a flu of the lowest category.

What is striking is that politicians are all saying it themselves, the new normal of 1.5 meters away.

Fear rules and affects the lives of almost the entire world population, people have let themselves be frightened, by the Satanic political accomplices of the NWO.

I want to give an example of what I have experienced myself, have worked all my life and have built up an existence.

When my wife had cheated on me and discarded me, I was completely out of balance.

Uncertain how I felt I became afraid of losing everything I had worked my life for as a result of the betrayal.

My sons were so brainwashed by my ex that they were no longer allowed to have contact with me.

Despite my ex’s low IQ, she influenced and manipulated people and programmed them to change their behavior.

Now IQ is not directly determinative for a relationship, because love and mutual trust is much more important as a foundation in a relationship.

Without realizing it, I was in fear mode, which had fed the reality of my fear, so I lost everything I had worked for for 45 years and am financially completely grounded.

Believe me or not, I had no reason to be afraid anymore, the ballast of possession had fallen off.

Everybody has had his experiences in his life.

I also had very nice years with my family, so I can be thankful for that.

The fact is that I no longer have fear, and use my own free will.

There is no one in the world who can determine what I should do or want to restrict my freedom, does not allow an imposed authority to tell me what I can and cannot do.

I have used my innate talent, and started thinking where it went wrong.

If you know where the problem is, you can work on solving it.

Now 2020 as a world population we have a common problem, that Satanists have made the population insecure and anxious, so they willingly let themselves be led into their downfall like real sheep.

People with a very low IQ, who only obey a government, and refuse to think for themselves follow the orders as Adolf Hitler gave them to the misguided population.

It is a tried and tested model to get and keep the masses under control in old Nazi style by enforcing fear and oppression with violence and lies.

Dear people take off your muzzle, talk about it soberly, start thinking, and determine your own way of life, put the artificially created fear off you in the game of psychosis terror imposed by Nazi regime from your own government.

Here is a good example of how political leaders are muzzled in their cabinets, where they are told the truth:


Go outside and shake hands again, a hug as a protest and civil disobedience against the NWO.

There are many people who will be vaccinated by the artificial fear, they will be the first to die for fear of death driven to indirect suicide that the Satanists have created as a sham reality.

Advise people not to be vaccinated with heavy metals and foreign substances that will make you sick and destroy your quality of life forever.

Feel free to ask which flowers they love for their graves; this will be confronting, as it will instinctively make them think.

When has a Satanist from politics been honest, how many lies have you discovered in his actions with many false promises.

We now see politicians imposing measures that will force your life into their new normal to submit to their Satanic fascist NWO agenda.

All these rats talk about the new normal, as if it’s agreed, no bells are ringing yet?

Come out of your fear and raise a middle finger at this globalist scum who scorn you and your family where they feed off your fear.

Go starve them by banishing your fear and go on with your life as you wish and be happy.

For the new normal will come in the liberation from fear and freedom and happiness, clearly not the agenda of the NWO rats who have deceived and exploited you for years.

We are systematically maneuvered into isolation and live alongside each other, in the Rat Race to survive.

If you’re going to realize that money has no value, it’s a talked-about illusion, you and I are the source of values, because we can create.

This is what we now see all over the world, one deliberately collapses the whole economy by Satanic draconian imposed measures and self-destruction.

I prefer a life in freedom to an existence in captivity and oppression by Satanists from the NWO.

See the reality for what it really is, and move on with your life as you wish to live it, reject the fascist rules by not following them, and banish your fear, for you are born as a free being and human being with a purpose in this life.

Make your dream come true and grow in your self-awareness, love and happiness, don’t let Tuig from politics, people without any talent and mental disorder take that away from you.

Talk to people who are still in their fear, help them release themselves by making them aware of this false illusion and oppression.

We are, by nature, a social being that has slowly alienated from each other, creating a chilly society, which is clearly visible in religions.

Everyone is indoctrinated and set against each other in order to dominate each other.

What can we achieve when divisions are set aside, help and respect each other again becomes a form of trust to live together with the sharing of talent and happiness.

Free yourself from hate propaganda, ignore the MSM and think for yourself in all reasonableness in your own and common interest, no longer let yourself be manipulated by evil and vampires who want your energy.

The great awakening is now underway, which will lead the transition to a new future through the reality you will shape yourself.

It will take some getting used to, but realize that it is a common good to create the new future of freedom without slavery, we don’t need the Archonites from politics and central banks at all, they are the stumbling block and source of destruction in our existence.

We now see a game of accusations about the CV19 back and forth, China is said to be the source of the misery, while a WHO funded it to implement the UN Agenda 21 that Nazi Bernhard von Lippe tabled in Rio de Janeiro Brasil in 1992.

Satanists have also had Georgia guide Stone posted with their plans for humanity.

MSM and journalists dismiss this as a conspiracy theory to ridicule the population.

Let them set an example in the deadly shot of Bill Gates with his RFID chip in their bodies.

The WHO has paid 3.7 Million Dollar to the lab in Wuhan to further process the virus as a biological weapon, Vaccination and chipping for crowd control and genocide.





How the plan was put into effect globally.


Slightly larger than a grain of rice, you get a piece of misery implanted, to which another refinement will be added by the Satanists to control you.

How does it work?

As long as your goal is, I can make it so that it meets the goal in every way, that’s why we are also creators of our environment, one is a bit smarter than the other, but we are good at something as humans.

In the piece of glass we see a coil of copper, which supplies a small system with energy by radiation.

The higher the radiation, the more voltage will be created to feed the system, but which will also directly affect your blood by changing the structure of the blood.

Technically, it works in such a way that you could pay anything to be able to provide for your life’s needs.

The chip contains the digital ID, which will now be entered, and you will be locked out if you do not obey the NWO fascists.

Death by satellite: http://www.eindtijdinbeeld.nl/EiB-666/666_rfid_chip.html

Along with 5G Genocide to put you in an invisible prison see video:


I can well imagine that in this shell a piece of termite can be added explosively, which can explode via the built-in chip, that is technically no problem and producible.

By writing this, I create fear in those people who have had it implanted, so take that junk out of the body and use reason for your own good.

After the Lock down it will never be the same again, this is really so, we have the choice how it can and will be if we shape this together.

We are now in the third world war without many people being aware of this.

Military and spiritual and actions against evil, liberating missing and abducted children all over the world.

Donald J Trump has declared war on the Satanists and vampires who use children’s blood (Adrenochrome drug) to stay young.

Angela Merkel is proof of this, she has KURU due to cannibalism, don’t be fooled by the gloomy humour of this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hhM_eArsJI

Many HOLLYWOOD demons are now also leading by blocking the supply of Adrenochrome drug manufactured in China and deliberately infected with a virus.


Here we see that fear has led these Satanists to voluntary house arrest, and they are aging rapidly because they appear to have too high a content of iron in their bodies due to the use of children’s blood.

In New York, about 100,000 children and bodies have been taken out of the tunnels under Central Park.



The fact that you use children’s blood directly and indirectly makes you a child killer.

Who are the people involved in this, see the Wikileaks documents about and from the Satanists: https://file.wikileaks.org/file/ with emails from Hillary Clinton and the other Deep State,


Via https://www.flightradar24.com/51.76,6.55/8 we have been able to follow a lot of action around the world with small reconnaissance planes, scanning the earth for tunnels and spaces where children can be trapped.

Fake King Willy’s estate has also been scanned where there have also been explosions.

Europe Defender 2020 is an operation to free the children.

They are combing the tunnels underground to find missing children, which is accompanied by explosions, on the site what was that bang you will find the reports of the explosions that until now were inexplicable. https://www.watwasdieknal.nl/ Wherever scan flights had previously been carried out.

Wherever scan flights had previously been carried out.

This will now be far completed, as there have been signs of this in various locations.

After the C of children comes the D of revealing the actions, with the accompanying arrests of the Satanists all over the world.

Dear people, we are being sewn by Satanist Rutte, 1.5 meters money not for Nazi vermin of the current Bilderberg Hitler cabinet so it seems.

We wait for the day of reckoning with these bastards, there will be no escape and certainly no mercy for this scum.

Intentionally destroying the business community to enslave the population to NWO, and with fake money to keep under control.

How do we feel about this?

We’re getting so fucked up!!!

I’ll tell the Catering and Hairdresser to open up again!! And shit on the Cabinet Harry Potter has no opinion of his own, he reads it off and is chewed up by a couple of questionable advisors!

We’ve waited a long time, but rest assured, their time is up.

They will be arrested by the Europe Defender 2020 troops, and will be tried before a war tribunal for their crimes and genocide against the world’s people.

They are going to pay for this with the Death Penalty which is another mild punishment considering their crimes and the way they act in their Satanic Cabal clan.

The Lock down until September 1st will not happen, the mandatory genocide vaccination of the Satanic Rats will be stopped.

Teachers who cooperate in deliberately inflicting severe bodily harm on the children may see a similar punishment as the Satanists.

Parents keep your children at home, and watch over their health, the cause of this Hoax has been disproved by doctors in full knowledge of the facts.

The figures to frighten the population have been manipulated all over the world, it is a global deception to start the Genocide.


Whoever still trusts the government has a mental retardation.

Lock down = Hunger Games imposed by the Pedo Elite

Don’t let anyone tell you how to live, and Rat Willy the fake King’s statement that the quest for happiness should not become an obsession in his Christmas speech is a slap in the face for the whole population.

Free yourself from the government by not following their self-destruct instructions.

All those on the left who blindly believe the corrupt Satanists are the first victim, which in itself is not a punishment for all mankind.

Politicians, Bankers, Police, MSM and their Journalists, Green Left voters, may like to receive their suicide vaccination first, then it will be beautiful without them.

The bankrupt money system will be replaced within a very short time, the new system will have a gold covered value based on GESARA.

For security reasons, the mass arrests will become visible.

This will raise questions for many naive sleepers, therefore information about all crimes, 9/11, MH17, and confessions of the perpetrators will be shown on all TV channels 24 hours a day.

Through the cooperation of Donald J Trump, Putin, and other world leaders, the UN, and WHO will be dismantled in its current form and agenda.

The Cabal EU has no raison d’être without the financial resources of an ECB that cannot produce money or value out of nothing.

I am not a sadist, but look forward to the denouement, the salvation of mankind and the downfall of the Cabal.

Sorry it’s a bit more info.

Take advantage and share this information around the world.