Q Anon: ‘Goodbye, Mr Rosenstein’

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Two new Q posts indicate that Rod Rosenstein is finished. Suicide weekend?


Q post number 2096…

‘(Link to a Congress tweet calling for Trump to declassify FISA documents)
Desperate people do desperate things.
It is during this period of time that surveillance pays off.
When does a BIRD sing?’

Q post number 2097…

‘Goodbye, Mr Rosenstein.’

We must remember that Q says John McCain ‘did not depart on his own terms’. Check out the first video in this Starship Earth article. It’s extraordinary. The Ohio Governor says on CNN – CNN! – that John McCain was ‘put to death’. How did the obsessive cabal censorship miss that explosive comment?…


The Starship Earth article has some excellent intel, it is worth reading.

We can now expect MANY things to happen all at once. A whole series of dominoes will start to tumble at any moment. They will trigger the mass arrests, the GCR, GESARA/NESARA, and finally First Contact with our galactic family.

In spite of many years of isolation ‘out in the field’, I am so pleased that I put my hand up for this mission to liberate Earth’s humanity. I am very pleased that you did too!

Where We Go One We Go All.