MIL RPT. Action 90% Done Since Saturday. TREMENDOUS VICTORY! Probably Last Major Battle. HUMANS THE REAL PROBLEM

Source: Rumor Mill News | By mroxygen

What was characterized as an invasion started 9-1-18 9:11PM PST. It started when the Lightship Commander was in a meeting with the Queen and an armored dragon and they both left suddenly.

I had a clairvoyant friend look in on the action later in the day on Sunday Afternoon. He then reported the most intense part was 90% over now, and both sides had formed skirmish lines firing at each other after the initial 60% carnage had subsided.

The Lightship Defense Fleet Commander just gave out a few more details. Those familiar with my previous opinion military reports already know the distinct advantage available when siding with The LIGHT. No one on the LIGHT side remains hurt or dead. All are repaired and resurrected immediately. This is why it is serious error for those infected with darkness to think the Light can ever be overcome.

This was the one last fight expected. It’s not completely over yet, about 60% was over by 1 AM, but it is finished. People have reported booms, dreams of the battle, etc. Our Sovereign Soldiers were recruited from all countries and all Earth timelines (past, present, & future) and trained and equipped with advanced LIGHT armor and weaponry.

Vikings, Cherokee, Samurai, Russians, Polish, Irish, African Tribes, Chinese, all people from all walks of life. Everyone volunteered, often volunteering right out of Basic Training. No more are expected to be needed now. Part of us is on duty, while part of us is here. Some remember or see, some don’t. I personally know of being killed and resurrected at least twice while on duty.

What is/just happened is probably better termed an INNER INVASION. The enemy aliens did not all come from any one place, they were already here! The squeeze of the recent terminations and arrests and communications network purification and termination exercises were apparently greater than arrogance could endure, so we were attacked by hiding aliens choosing the dark-side while they are residing and living inside of human bodies!

Some fought hidden tunnel dwellers in tunnels full of blood. Others know they are pilots. During the battle all enemy that showed up were dispatched, and we destroyed 50 of their locations. We temporarily had 12,000 of our own pure LIGHT energy dragons, and 150,000 of our Defense Fleet Sovereign Soldiers killed or injured – as I previously described. They were immediately healed and returned to service by SOURCE healing energy.

SOURCE created us, so IT can do anything. We are pure energy after all, and only temporarily imprisoned into these human skin suits as part of the controlling invading alien slavers evil creation. My research indicates many aliens in all dimensions have lost their minds due to darkness infection, fight within themselves, and then set out to invade our once Light planet. They are like the mind shattered and mind controlled slaves they create out of us here.

Since this was an all local action, this battle proves THOSE ALREADY HERE ARE THE REAL PROBLEM! The real people in hiding causing problems are already possessed, chipped, infected, programmed, and corrupted.

Think about how all encompassing that statement of fact is. We’re surrounded by the enemy, we live among them and their secret lives. This includes all the humans that are left here and stuck with the darkness anti-life control energy results of all their bad choices. We are best off to realize everything we know here was programmed into us, and taught to us by our trusted yet programmed parents or authorities – but what if it was mostly all Fake News bombardments?


Especially including anything we so deeply trust without thinking, like about god, or spirituality, or love. Our parents, and everyone that taught them learned everything they knew the same way, just like we did. BUT, It’s all mixed in with GENERATIONS OF HUGE ALIEN SLAVER LIES passed on and on, mixed with enough truth to get us to believe them – and to keep us feeding the invaders with our SPIRIT powered emotions and thoughts coming from our severely altered bodies.

Then we are encouraged to join gangs, cliques, secret societies, etc., and create more reinforcing of the lies – like eating children is good for you, or the lie that some holy book or prayer makes you more powerful than the awesome most powerful SPIRIT DIRECT FROM SOURCE that you already are. All of it fraudulently sold in the carnival to your damaged self as ways to get you ahead in business or love…

We get drunk or high to at least let us feel at least some pittance of self – controlled and self – administered power, but way too often we are no match for our addictions. These are powers that we think WE choose as some kind of a final act of “shut it all out” rebellion. BUT, you still just follow the script. You are taught to want it and pay for it as well, while adamantly saying, “Nobody controls me!” and making somebody else rich.

Wise up. The slavers live millions of years. They know exactly how you will react from being attacked relentlessly by confusion while in severely damaged memory-wiped re-incarnating bodies. And getting drunk or high only pushes your Spirit out of you, making you ripe for more possession. Then in they come, and this may lead, finally, to you being owned – and on the receiving end of a Lightship Energy cannon.

However, with help, you can still clean all darkness energy out of you. But look closer.

Any seeming power showing up anywhere in life first comes created out of our own SPIRIT. Then the slavers designed it to be twisted into mind and emotion. We are usually tricked into using our power of creation for evil, while we are being lied to that something outside our heart supposedly has more power than our Spirit does – so should we help it? The mind control is so basic, we are convinced it is our own thoughts.

If you prey to something outside you over, and over, and over, you create a psychic storage pool of your own energy that may or may not respond. BUT it is ONLY MIND and EMOTION psychic energy, not Source heart energy. And slavers definitely drink it. SOURCE REQUIRES NO WORSHIP!

All our generations are told the same lies, over and over by aliens that live for millions of years playing the long game of invasion and control in the illusionary mind, time, and duality material worlds. You are also hard-wired in your DNA to strongly reject what I am saying.

All the local organizations using prayer to something outside yourself, or worshiping books or local gods, the group meditations, the church meetings, the control religions, the over 33rd degree masons, all give aid & comfort to the enemy.

Remember, getting drunk or high only pushes your Spirit out of you, same as violence. Worshiping satan, eating babies, pedophilia, wanting AI singularity, following charismatic leaders, using sacred sites, trying to get more power and control, ALL OF IT allows who we are fighting to feed upon you, and there is so much of it! THAT’S WHERE the invasion “came from.” If we did not do all these things to feed them, they would just pass us by.

Someone slyly saying “Pray harder!” is a perfect example of who keeps you keeping yourself in slavery. Preachers are being weeded out. Another is the insiders – the bankers, etc. that know where to invest 10 years ahead of you. They first get the favors, then… “OK I’ll just try a little taste…” and then hardly notice the complete takeover by darkness over time. WE, the little people add up to a BIG problem here on the surface over time. It’s an infection of our Spirits. Planets send us programming, as do genetics, dates, names, words, TV, EVERYTHING in the mind-emotion expanse programs us.

Unless we clear out all the darkness energy and the control energies, our influences, then the real higher dimensional invisible slavers don’t need to invade. We already invited them right in through our badly made choices and actions, including those made by others for us. Cleanup time.

Sept 13 & 21 will be key dates.