Psychic Utsava / Upcoming Arrests, Stolen Airplane, Q, CA Fire, Manaford, Stock Market Update

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By GJW

Obama is seeking to hide in Kenya. The birth certificate issue is permanent. He won’t escape it, and cant have it both ways. His crimes will “stick”. He will lose it all…. Hillary and Obama may not go to prison for another year or two???!!!!! The arrests of top officials will start in October??? Not now?

So is the the glass half full or more near empty: And now Manafort pleas guilty, implicating Trump.

Oh, and Roy Potter says we’re in deep trouble…. Utsava, says the stock market will come up next year.

Someone quick, close the Dragons gate. We’ll never survive all this uncertainty (or we’ll die trying).

They win. Just kill us all now and be done with it. We never die!!. So why suffer through thus muck. We’ll just let them win and move to higher ground (um,dimension), live happily ever after, and let them destroy themselves not us.

What’s that? That’s not the plan? How about a change in plan….

(Yeah, how long and how many councils would that take!!!). Too much hierocracy no matter which dimension we’re in.