Beloved Friends Of The Great Planet!

Many Of You Understand The Purpose Of The Soul’s Plan To Experience Duality And Love In Patterns Of Change While The Akashic Grows In Rhythms Of Light And Power!

Others Feel Pain And Despair As The Perception of Blame and Deflection Overrides The Lessons To Be Gleaned As Resentments Form. If Only These Souls Would Take A Look From A Higher Perspective And Understand That Earth Is A School For Higher Learning!

You Cannot Fail Except In Your Own Perception. Mistakes Can Be Viewed As Lessons If You Are Willing To Change And Learn! Why Fall Into The Same Ditch Over And Over When The Same Steps Can Take You To Another Path!

The Endless Variables Are Created With Each Choice Made. Choose Wisely As Your Next Decision Could Alter The Greatest Outcome! Indeed You Are Living Your Choices From Long Ago!

Create Your Path By Choosing The Next Best Position In Your Movements. Keeping Things Simple, This Choice Will Be Specific For Each Soul In Form. If Calming Down And Focusing On Intent Is Achieved By Listening To Music, This Is The Greatest Choice For Your Next Best Decision. If Taking A Hot Bath Brings Serenity And Relaxation, Then Pursue This Simple Action!

Many Will Begin To Understand That Learning And Creating From The Moment Of Now, Will Bring Multiple Ideas To Promote Peace And Spiritual Focus With Precise Choices.

Knowing That You Planned To Arrive In The Earth School For One Final Chapter Will Allow You To See The Blessing Of Being With Such A Great Number Of Souls In Form! With A Unity Of Spirit You Are Here To Learn And Expand To Greater Limits Of Possibilities!

You Are A Member Of The Earth School! The Greatest Learning Experience In The Cosmos! Find Your Strength And Resolve In The Light Of Unity And The Peace That Awaits In Sheen!

Connecting With The Higher Self Is Necessary For All Souls To Understand Real Peace And Wisdom From The Divinity Each Carries On Their Journey Of Light!

As One Awakens In The Earth School, The Longing For Their Home Of Origin Will Be Understood And A Greater Awareness Of Spirit Will Be Felt As A Constant Longing That Can Only Be Satisfied By Going Within!

No Being Is On Earth Without Divine Assistance And The Ability To Transcend All Obstacles With A Change In Perspective! Indeed You Are Sacred Light With Expanded Consciousness And Intelligence Through Millennia.

Play Your Roles As Planned! Dance Your Dance Until All Veils Fall At Your Feet!

See The Light And Play In The Beams Until Peace Covers You Completely!

Then The Earth School Ends And Paradise Begins Just As You Planned!

Well Done Beloved Ones! Well Done Indeed!

We Love You So!