Received via email for publication at 8:00 PM EDT…

The GCR/RV is the “Healing Bomb” along with GESARA that will heal the world of poverty. The aftermath will be self-sufficiency with the availability of replicators and healing chambers. We will become a money-less society and take to the stars which can already be seen in the Star Trek series. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Nothing will be the same post RV.

Food will taste differently.

Relationships will either collapse or strengthen depending on why they were started in the first place.

Health and exercise will occupy a different priority in your life.

Endless desires to acquire stuff will be replaced with a singular desire to give away everything in sight.

Do you know why money is digitalizing?

Because it’s disappearing literally and figuratively.

Do you know why the Elders are giving the common man so much?

Because they are not giving us anything of physical value but rather just digital computer credits on their quantum system to heal the soul of the world.

Making “not for profit” the only true and logical game for this ZIM currency community (aka Zimlandia).

You are signing up for, enrolling in, and redeeming old consciousness for something new in service of a greater good.

All of us are. Every last one.

This makes competition with other human beings a non existent activity. As well as pursuing for profit endeavors. Not to mention the mental construct of physical scarcity of resources disappears in a blink.

Everything, and I mean everything will change post RV.

Whatever you need, you can have at the touch of a button. Instantly, we will all have timeless accessibility to an infinite resource base somewhere in Asia, given to us by someone we shall never meet.

That’s a benevolent act. Thank you Elders.

It’s also the rest of our lives for generations of our families, and their families, and their families, and their families, and their families, and their families… get it….

Now is that scope of blessing worth all the waiting and suffering to cross this invisible RV transition line versus the harvesting of some transactional investment arbitrage?

Of course it is. Always was. So be strong. Hang tough. Surrender in full. Accept His grace in your life as perpetual and unlimited.

Please join Brothers Yosef, Showme and Moshe this Saturday night at Church Bank (9pm EDT) to discuss this topic of “Not For Profit” in a post RV reality.


Also please remember to submit all “Tetelestai” 800# alert sign up requests and future website email memberships to theclarioncalls.com.

Our Human Angel mission will be the best post RV hub for projects, volunteers and archieved information related to all things philanthropy.

And let’s go heal the soul of the world together!

God is with us.