Received via email for publication at 8:00 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Like a slab of raw clay, here’s Thursday’s latest Intel for you to shape, mold, fire and glaze:

– End of August has always been the desired release period because it’s the slowest trading / banking time of the year.

– End of August has always been the safest releas period because children are out of school (soft targets) and the vast majority of Western world vacations are taken in August before September begins.

– Every pre-purchased non-bank currency holder’s email, phone number and address has been logged onto a single master list and conference with international security databases (chalked) for potential threats.

– All banks have submitted final account information for in-bank currency purchases and run against an international database cross check for security concerns (chalked).

– Over one hundred thousand known cabal agents have been arrested quietly holding currency illegally, and another twenty percent are expected to be incarcerated under aliases during the exchange process.

– Everybody deemed a threat to society worldwide has been chalked. Attempting to exchange currency will get them arrested and their amnesty terms revoked.

– The final exchange strategy has been implemented and different that previously discussed on public forms such as this. Remember there were several parallel redemption strategies running concurrently and those are being mixed and matched in a variety of ways to confuse adversaries of the transition.

– Benevolent species help from several universes are here assisting in humanity’s transition which includes new value based economics and a quantum finance reset.

– Neutralizing measures have been applied to misinformation agents and actors of chaos worldwide, especially latent hidden hand operatives awaiting activation instructions in coordination to halt the event.

– Superior off world security measures have been installed to stand guard against potential energetic disruptions a la another 9/11 type terrorist attack.

– The Nation of Zimbabwe’s announced return to the gold standard was an honors gesture given to original human beings (Africans) by the Elders.

– ZIM Bond Notes represent collateral holding claims against the entire wealth of the entire African Union because the ZIM currency will ultimately be placed in the IMF’s Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket of global reserve currencies (in lieu of the South African Rand).

– All sovereign currencies of the world will eventually be placed into the same SDR basket as that is how the original 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement was negotiated in exchange for the 11 million metric tons loan of gold bullion from the Asian Elders.

– All modern financial accounts from the last sentry-three years have finally bettered settled at the sovereign tiered levels.

– Meaning every T1-T3 transaction was egotists, reconciled, granted liquidity and made whole on the new Hercules financial system as of this week Sunday August 20, 2017.

– This had to be done prior to the August 21, 2017 noon hour in Bethlehem which was the moment Heaven introduced Creator or Christ energy onto the surface of Urantia (earth).

– This completed a ten year grace or transition period going back to August 21, 2007 as negotiated by Draco representatives with their Human Sovereign Elder counterparts per Galactic Federation mediation .

– Hence the repeated phrase “transition versus transaction.”

God is with us