The unethical treatment of patients in hospitals and Veterans across the world are attributed to the Nazi World Order. With unnecessary treatments and procedures suggested to patients, improper care and negligence.

Their deception and Aryan Doctors, Nurses & Technicians are there for one purpose, to continue their lies and further their agendas. Frontline workers were prescribed HQ, Their powers are used to fabricate within the confines of the Hospital sandbox environment construct, think Unreal Engine.

Covid-19 Is A Live Military Exercise, Pedophiles Are The Virus – The US Military, We’re The Vaccine.

Using technology to show you ultrasound imagery, which are just replayed tapes for fake internal organs. Fabricating fake data to control the world under Medical tyranny – Hospitals are just an extension of the Nazi World Order Governments and The Aryan race, puppets of the Reptilians And Greys.

With the shutdown and removal of the old guard these medical facilities of yesteryear will no longer be required. Facilities with advanced Holographic Medical beds and Nikola Tesla healing technology will be free for everyone to access. These med beds allow damage to be reversed from vaccines and nanotechnology. They are deeply rooted inside the body from head to toe – they are the road blocks THEY put inside,

Promises Made, Promises Kept.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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