I request a moment of your time to explain and prove to you that the natural, safe and effective cures for illnesses, such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and about 80 more has been known and intentionally denied to the people, by the FDA, or more correctly by the socialists in nearly all federal programs since 1933.

These cures that were hidden DO have a part or connection in this data.

Reason why you should read these files is that the physical, emotional and mental health of the Police is affected by the poisons called “Heavy Metal Poisons”.

I was thinking one day and wondered why so many cops “lose it”, then I found an answer.

1. Coffee is bought in countries with little or no control over toxins and the heavy metal poisons that are now in all brands sold in the USA.

Coffee contains a neurotoxic, immunosuppressive, genotoxic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic polluter called “Ochratoxin A”.

2. The deadly heavy metals — cadmium, lead — and if in excess in the body: Copper, chromium, nickel, and zinc become toxic, and is found in all coffees.

3. The wheat used in all (GMO) wheat products including Donuts, is loaded with Bromines-which is also toxic. It is now put there to replace Iodine which kills fungus, parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc.

So to cause harm the Collectivists removed the only healthy ingredient to protect the people.

Cadmium, lead, copper, chromium, nickel, and zinc

4. All GMO products and foods are sprayed with cancer causing Glyphosate.

5. Donuts and nearly all sweet wheat products are made with high fructose corn syrup, or with many other artificial chemical sweeteners.

The GMO sweeteners are all sprayed with a GMO Glyphosate poison.

Instead of using healthy natural sweeteners such as:

Cane Juice, Maple Syrup, Blackstrap Molasses, Coconut Palm Sugar, Yacon Syrup, Thaumatin, Stevia, Luo Han Gu (Monk Fruit), or Honey.

They decided to go with the cheap sugars that are so impure that they contain a heavy metal poison.

6. All sugars are imported from third world countries, and they all have Mercury mixed in with the sugar. Mercury is a brain toxin, and will make you emotionally and mentally NUTS. It is the brain killer.

With the overload of many other chemicals, fluorides, and heavy metals the body can only take so much abuse before it gets sick.

Stress, conflicts, fights, deaths, insults, no rest, no love, no relaxation will undo a lot of people, then one day something triggers an overreaction and the Cop explodes.

But it is the Mercury that causes the trigger even if low in a hair analysis chart.

Mercury is the number one thing that causes cops to LOOSE it!

7. The people and Cops in the U.S.A. are the most poisoned in the world.

Today everyone has heavy metal poisons – do you doubt it? If you eat white table salt then you are poisoned:

White table salt comes with: E535 Sodium FERROCYANIDE and/or E536 Potassium FERROCYANIDE and/or E538 CALCIUM FERROCYANIDE and/or E553b Talcum powder and/or E554 Sodium ALUMINOSILICATE and/or E555 PotassiumALUMINIUMSILICATE and/or E556 Calcium ALUMINOSILICATE and/or E559 ALUMINIUM SILICATE.

8. Being the most poisoned Cops in the world; it is no wonder that they lose it.

9. Mercury, and/or lead, and/or arsenic, and/or fluorides, and/or aluminum, and/or bromine, all can combine to rid the body of calming calcium, and many other minerals including the very important the B Vitamins and iodine which are all the calming nutrients.

These heavy metal poisons also cause the Vitamin C in the body to cause calcification of the circulatory system (see Murder by Calcification part one).

When the organs of the brains get calcified, the health of the brain is less.

The calcification restricts the flow of blood to the brain cells and you are no longer that aware even if you are awake.

Now you make mistakes, see things as they are not, your vision is impaired.

You thought you saw a gun and killed a child that had a water pistol etc., and etc..

Now your life is no longer the same.

10. BUT — there is another possibility here. What if the police department never even took in consideration that you just might not have been a normal person, but a psychopath, sociopath or a even a Collectivist with a HIVE mind?

[See Murder by Calcification — the hive mind]

Then it becomes even worst. If a normal man can lose it, imagine one of these monsters with a toxic body and brain!!!!

Now what are you going to do? Sometimes the police cover up crimes to protect their fellow officers, or just send them to another police station.

If that is the case, these will always be socialist cops that do this!

Then better hire a CONSERVATIVE lawyer and never hire a collectivist to go after a collectivist or psychopath or a sociopath.

Hopefully the normal brain cop, who is not a collectivist or psychopath or a sociopath will see that he has to detoxify his body and brain.

Getting rid of toxins and poisons can only happen if you are ready to clean up your act, and willing to be clean.

Good Luck.


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