Kevin Galalae: How to move from global genocide to enlightened and empowering population levels


Kevin Galalae: How to move from global genocide to enlightened and empowering population levels

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


VANCOUVER, BC – In this interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Galalae discusses moving from a condition of global enforced genocide to enlightened and empowering population levels.

15 points of global depopulation – Shutting down the WHO as a chief lobbyist of depopulation

Kevin discusses 15 points of global depopulation as well as his campaign to shut down the WHO – World Health Organization – as a chief lobbyist of depopulation.

Let’s shut down the WHO by Kevin Galalae

The 60 day hunger strike I have concluded last week in Rome showed us that secular and religious authorities cooperate in genocide and that they are not responding to peaceful methods of persuasion even though they are grossly outside the law by poisoning us into sterility and morbidity for the sake of controlling population growth.

We are within our legal and moral rights to use all force necessary to protect ourselves and the time has come to do just that. I have given our political leaders an ultimatum to change course or else:

A Message to World Leaders: Stop the Depopulation Genocide

I have informed the people of what is to come and have made clear why this is the time to stand up and be counted and that we must all establish a public record as to which side we have chosen since there is no neutrality in this battle for our very lives and the survival of our genetic lineages:

Statement: We are now officially at war

And I have provided all the evidence one needs to realize what is happening and to understand what is at stake. This is but the latest and most concise summary of the facts:

15 Essential Global Depopulation Point

The time to act is now. Every day we waste our governments bring us a step closer to extinction.

As soon as enough funds have been donated, a legal team is assembled, and civil society promises its unmitigated support I will go Geneva and physically shut down the offices of the World Health Organization and put its Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan, on a plane to China, where she comes from.

The WHO is pivotal to the depopulation lobby, which has been empowered by the hypocrites in charge of the Church to commit genocide under the pretext of healing disease. Armed with this immoral permission to commit mass murder the WHO has turned medicine and public health into handmaidens of genocide.

Vaccines, drugs, endocrine disruptors and man-made pandemics are used to sterilize and sicken us so as to prevent births and increase deaths and in this fashion tackle the population problem at both ends of life, the front and the back.

Already a quarter of all genetic lineages in the developed world have been shut out of procreation and therefore for all intents and purposes terminated. More than half of the population is chronically ill due to being subjected to depopulation poisons for at least two generations. And one in ten people across the developed world and increasingly also across the developing world has been rendered basically dysfunctional.

By shutting down the WHO and kicking Dr. Margaret Chan out of Europe we will force the authorities to act, for either they will allow me to put an end the WHO or they will arrest me. If the former, we will have scored an easy victory. If the latter, we will force the Swiss legal system to confront the issue of covert depopulation in court.

I expect the latter will happen and that I will be arrested and tried on various charges, which is why I need to be well funded and backed up by a legal team as well as by civil society.

We have two months to get ready.

Now is the time to show your support and stand by me as we go to war against those who commit genocide and who govern our nations and control the international system.

Now is the time for civil society to unite in purpose.

Now is the time. For it is now or never.

By Kevin Galalae


Kevin Galalae