joint Meditation on the Eclipse, the 21 August 2017






Montague Keen – August 6, 2017

Greetings, my friends. An opportunity for you to become active in taking back your power has been arranged by Corey Goode and Cobra.

Corey Goode and Cobra Joint Interview
Call for Eclipse Mass Meditation

It is a joint Meditation on the Eclipse, the 21 August 2017. The whole of humanity can come together as ONE, and together, reclaim our sovereignty. Use the power of this major eclipse to release humanity from slavery. Be assured that the Cabal will try to claim this energy for its own evil purposes, the control and destruction of the human race. You have allowed them free reign over you and you have kept silent. This is why things are in the state they are today. Humanity is being wiped out. The human sperm count is dangerously low. This will ensure that you will not be able to reproduce.

The Cabal created lethal illnesses in laboratories and has spread them through the air, the food and water supply, and of course, their prize weapon, vaccinations. Until now, you have meekly accepted all that has been imposed on you without question. You have even accepted transhumanism. Just what will it take for you to wake up and take action?

This meditation will be so powerful and you have the numbers to counteract whatever the Cabal does. I implore you to see this opportunity for you to show your strength: you are the 99%, so it is up to you to protect humanity. Once we take back our power, others will come forward to assist.

My dear wife began her contact with beings from Andromeda, 13 years ago, shortly after my passing. They came through in seance many times to assure her that they are ready to assist us with technology that you cannot imagine. They see humanity struggling on what they see as a prison planet, and they want to assist. There are many tapes of these interactions. They asked her to write down her questions and they answer them, even reminding her if she has forgotten one.

They have given information about Project Blue Beam and how they would expose it for what it is, if the USA goes ahead with it. Help is available. It is ready to be given to you at a moment’s notice. Many vortices and portals have been made ready, though more work needs to be done to ensure that all avenues are open to our friends to assist us. I cannot stipulate enough the importance of this opportunity to remove all that is evil and corrupt from the world. Each and every one of you is important. Your combined intention and action is what will make the difference. Your moment has arrived, so do not waste it. You were told by many that the month of August will be important. Please include in your meditation on the 21 August, our young man Dave, who is important to the future of humanity. This is why the Cabal has gone to so much trouble to get him to America to lock him up. He is a totally innocent young man. The Cabal knows his mission is important to humanity and they have used their corrupt practices to get him locked away. It is important to include him in your meditation on the 21 August. It is so sad to see how they use and abuse people. This must stop.

You only have to look at the ancient history of the Vatican to see that it is built on the most evil wars against humanity. The level of their evil practices is beyond imagination. Today, they hide behind a cloak of respectability. Do not be fooled by them. By their deeds you will know them.

The 1% have managed to control you through their corrupt money system, corrupt governments, and of course, religion. It is all done through mind control and propaganda. Those of you whose only means of information is from television and newspapers, are being mind controlled. Such individuals believe all that they are told without question. They do not use their mind and consciousness to question the lies. They are like puppets, blind to the corruption. It is up to you to find the truth for yourself. It is there. Never in the history of mankind has so much information been at your fingertips. Talk to each other: you may be surprised at how many others feel as you do. Just remember that if it is on the television or in the press, IT IS PROPAGANDA. The Cabal OWNS ALL TV and the press. They are everywhere, hidden in the shadows, their evil plans being put into action.

Humanity has the ability to remove all the power and influence of the Cabal. Truth and justice will prevail, the moment you make the decision to refuse to destroy humanity one moment longer. Look at the Cabal with eyes wide open. They are parasites, living off the suffering of humanity.

Read the Plan for Europe by Karl Marx
Karl Marx’s Planned Genocide of Europeans

The destruction of Europe was his aim. This is why the European Union was created. IT IS EASIER TO DESTROY A UNIT. This is why Brexit was so important, as it has delayed their evil plan. You saw the so-called refugees, all paid for by SOROS, to rape, pillage, and destroy the white race. You must learn to see it for what it is. All this was planned in 1925. You have been fooled by the experts. They conned their way into power in every country. They always work together as one to achieve their aims. You must now learn to work together to salvage what you can, and plan for a future without these parasites. When the energy is restored, the Cabal will no longer be able to exist on Earth. They will leave in the same way that they arrived. They are prepared for this eventuality should they fail to maintain power.

The Golden Age is on your doorstep. Do you have what it takes to go through that door? On the 21 August, you have the opportunity to open the door to a better future for all. No more suffering, no more killing, no more poverty, no more fatal illnesses caused by them. Peace will be your prize. An awakening like you cannot imagine. What you are living through now is hell, but heaven awaits you.

My dear, it is always difficult when the Cabal finds ways to destroy what was good and what was working well for the world. You have experienced this many times over the last 13 years. It is what they do. Never give up hope that it will right itself as the work is of importance to all.

Together, we will succeed.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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