Jim Stone On Trump, Mueller And Guiliani “I Smell A Circus Rat”,This show is getting to the part where you DO NOT get up and go to the potty

Date: Sunday, 2-Sep-2018 10:04:27

Source: Rumor Mill News | By Watchman

A brief explanation of my rip on Business insider–

There were rumors and rumors of rumors that Trump was going to make a big move against the deep state, and right when Trump was (supposedly) going to make a huge move Business insider, with no prior history of anything they talked about to justify saying it, said Mueller was going to drop a huge bomb and that it was scheduled and they gave a date of Sep 1 / August 31. They had a pile of people “confirming it” yet I’d never heard a peep about this anywhere, and it really looked from what they posted like they had to be shadow state to get that kind of information, which simply never existed prior to them saying it. It pissed me off. As it turns out, Business insider got GRAND champion hoaxed and even Mueller had a comical tone about it all, saying he did not know where the story about any “planned huge action” came from, and called anyone who reported that fake media.

I smell a circus rat

This is all starting to look a little bit suspicious. You know what I am beginning to suspect (at least around the edges?) I am beginning to lean towards the possibility that Trump is a ventriloquist doing an exorbitantly skilled job with Mueller, the “evil” sidekick sitting right beside Trump, in a very well played “devils advocate” role. What if Mueller was in on the deep state purge? How could everything he tried backfire so badly? And all of it brought the worst roaches right into the spotlight, we now know who’s who and can gas them with ease. How much do you think Trump likes a short time campaign manager that had so little ethic? Do you really think Trump would prize Manafort after discovering the dirt? Manafort could be wiped out without anything ever actually touching Trump, and Trump KNEW IT. He could provide a great sideshow to bring the real enemies out of the shadows, when they came out of them to rejoice Manafort’s downfall.

There’s nothing substantiated against Trump anywhere, and Trump knows it. What if Mueller is “Mister Clean” and Trump is holding the mop handle? The Russia octopus into everything investigation has been such a huge show and such a huge failure it really needs some explaining, especially when it did such a great job of proving there’s nothing on Trump, and showed the true colors of so many deep state players. I am having a hard time believing Mueller really was that stupid.

Obviously I could be wrong with all of it. Maybe Mueller really is a fool. Maybe the deep state really was that desperate. But even if they were that desperate, there is a chance that Mueller played them like a violin, knowing all along the investigation would come to nothing.

Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani is setting the stage to question Mueller’s legitimacy–

Either Giuliani is a good guy, or the writing is on the wall. (and I’d like to mention that I mentioned Trump would be taking this route (days ago) but I did not know Rudy Giuliani was going to be part of the action and if he gets involved, it’s gonna be GREAT. This is from the Daily Beast,

“President Donald Trump’s legal team is crafting a “counter-report” that will seek to delegitimize Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling and present countervailing arguments.

Trump’s personal attorney, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, told The Daily Beast in an interview on Thursday that part of his report would examine whether the “initiation of the investigation was . . . legitimate or not.”

According to Giuliani, the bulk of the report will be divided into two sections. One section will seek to question the legitimacy of the Mueller probe generally by alleging “possible conflicts” of interest by federal law enforcement authorities. The other section will respond to more substantive allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russian government agents to sway the 2016 election, and obstruction of justice allegations stemming from, among other things, the president’s firing of former FBI director James Comey.

Here’s my original post on this topic, to add more perspective:

RUMOR: Mueller investigation OVER and exposed as totally illegal in a defined and actionable way.
Here’s the actual rumor:

Andrew Wiessman was exposed by Bruce Ohr as being part of the “Russian hoax”. Ohr included him in his meetings about the fake dossier and it was never known publicly until now.

Mueller must now either end the special counsel or face congress (at least, in a functioning system, ) however, this closely mimics what has been the case with many others and the system is so corrupted nothing happened. The big difference this time around however is that Trump is totally awake, and was already sharpening the ax. He can get mileage out of this and shut it all down. His latest tweets strongly indicate that this latest expose’ will be the straw that broke the camel’s back, Mueller is probably going down to the dungeon along with many others.

5D chess anyone? That comment has been thrown around by lots of people, especially early on, but has not been said much lately. But it appears Trump really was 15 steps ahead of everyone, and he used that huge lead to prepare the gallows, which everyone walked right into on their own with Trump not having to say a thing. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut and let them find their nooses. It takes brains and discipline to do that.

This show is getting to the part where you DO NOT get up and go to the bathroom.

If Rudy Giuliani is on this, things just got a WHOLE LOT more interesting. Deep state freakout indeed.