Jeffrey Epstein ‘sex slave list’ soars by hundreds as new 10,000 page document is made public in Virginia Roberts trial


HUNDREDS more people are implicated in new documents in a legal case involving Prince Andrew’s alleged sex slave accuser Virginia Roberts.

Around 10,000 pages of files, five times the number already made public, identify individuals who were allegedly involved with Jeffrey Epstein, 66.

 Jeffrey Epstein's sex slave list has soared by hundreds after a new 10,000 page document was made public
Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave list has soared by hundreds after a new 10,000 page document was made publicCredit: Corbis – Getty

Among them is an unnamed man who wrote to Manhattan’s Federal Court saying that disclosing his name would cause him “permanent and unjustifiable harm”.

The files relate to a US defamation case involving Roberts, who claims she was a sex slave supplied to paedophile Epstein’s pals including Prince Andrew, 59. He denies it.

The hearing was part of a defamation case brought by Miss Roberts against Epstein’s alleged ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell for calling her a liar.

The case was settled but a higher court has ruled that the files should be made public.



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Miss Maxwell’s attorney Jeff Pagliuca – in an effort to block or at least delay the court paper’s release – said that among the documents were 29 depositions, most of them on video.

It also included Epstein’s black book of contacts. Epstein hanged himself in jail last month while on a sex traffic charge.

Prosecutors have said their investigation into his alleged accomplices continues.

 Prince Andrew has denied any wrongdoing
Prince Andrew has denied any wrongdoingCredit: Getty – Contributor
 He issued this statement in the wake of Epstein's suicide
He issued this statement in the wake of Epstein’s suicideCredit: Buckingham Palace
 Virginia Roberts, centre, pictured with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell, right
Virginia Roberts, centre, pictured with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell, rightCredit: Collect
 Roberts claims she was a sex slave supplied to paedophile Epstein’s pals
Roberts claims she was a sex slave supplied to paedophile Epstein’s palsCredit: Rex Features
 Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in jail last month
Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in jail last monthCredit: AP:Associated Press

Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers: The brave women who have come forward to give harrowing accounts of their alleged abuse

Virginia Roberts Giuffre

Virginia Roberts, 36, (pictured second from left) claims she was Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave from the age of 17.

The mum-of-three, who now goes by the surname Giuffre, alleges she was “lent out” by Epstein for sex with Prince Andrew – claims the royal vehemently denies and were struck out by a US court.

What she’s said: “He will not have his day in court, but the reckoning of accountability has begun, supported by the voices of these brave and beautiful women in this courtroom today.

“The reckoning must not end — it must continue.

“He did not act alone and we, the victims, know that.”

On Prince Andrew: “He knows what he has done and he can attest to that.

“He knows exactly what he’s done – and I hope he comes clean about it.”

Anouska De Georgiou

Anouska De Georgiou is a British actress who starred in the 2004 Jude Law movie Alfie.

She is the daughter of former debutante Barbara and millionaire financier Anthony.

After being educated at Marlborough College, De Georgiou turned down a place to study law at Oxford to concentrate on modelling.

She initially found fame as a model, starring in campaigns for Guy Laroche and Pussy Glamore lingerie before working in movie.

The actress has also dated David Hasselhoff.

She claims she had been abused by Epstein as a teenager after meeting him when she was “young and idealistic”.

What she’s said: “Something I think is very important to communicate is that loss of innocence, trust, and joy that is not recoverable.

“The abuse, spanning several years, was devaluing beyond measure and affected my ability to form and maintain healthy relationships, both in my work and my personal life.

“He could not begin to fathom what he took from us.”

Jennifer Araoz

Jennifer Araoz, 32, accused Epstein of raping her in his New York mansion when she was a 15-year-old aspiring actress.

She claims she was given $300 to perform massages on Epstein in her underwear.

What she’s said: “He robbed me of my dreams.

“He robbed me of my chance to pursue a career I always adored.

“He stole my chance at really feeling love because I was so scared to trust anyone for so many years that I had such severe anxiety.

“I didn’t want to leave my house, let alone my bed.”

Sarah Ransome

Sarah Ransome was among the young girls ferried to Epstein’s private “paedophile island”.

She told previously of trying to swim off the Caribbean island after apparently having her passport stolen by alleged “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell.

What she’s said: “I would like to acknowledge and extend my gratitude to the prosecutors from the Southern District of New York for pursuing justice on behalf of the victims.

“Please, please finish what you have started.

“We, the victims, are still here, prepared to tell the truth, and we all know he did not act alone.

“We are survivors, and the pursuit of justice should not abate.”

Teala Davies

Teala Davies says she was 17 when she was abuse by Epstein – who she believed was the most powerful man in the world.

What she’s said: “I was going to start this statement by saying that I was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein.

“But that’s not the case. I’m still a victim of Jeffrey Epstein.

“I’m still a victim because the fear of not being heard stopped me from telling my story for so many years…

“I’m still a victim because I am fearful for my daughters and everyone’s daughters…

“I’m still a victim because the 17-year-old Teala was manipulated into thinking she had found someone who cared, someone who wanted to help.”

Courtney Wild

Courtney Wild claims she was sexually abused by Epstein when she was 14 in Palm Beach, Florida.

She previously revealed she was still a braces-wearing 14-year-old schoolgirl when Epstein allegedly forced her to perform sex acts.

What she’s said: “Jeffrey Epstein robbed myself and all the other victims of our day in court to confront him one by one, and for that he is a coward.”

Chauntae Davies

Chauntae Davies (pictured far left) claims she was sexually assaulted by Epstein after she was groomed into giving him a massage.

She worked as an air hostess on Epstein’s private plane – dubbed the Lolita Express.

What she’s said: “I began my massage, trying not to let him smell my fear and obvious discomfort, but before I knew what was happening, he grabbed onto my wrist and tugged me towards the bed.

“I tried to pull away, but he was unbuttoning my shorts and pulling my body onto his already naked body faster than I could think.

“I was searching for words but all I could say was, ‘No, please stop,’ but that just seemed to excite him more.”

Michelle Licata

Michelle Licata was among Epstein’s accusers in the previous criminal case in Florida in 2008.

She claims she was lured to Epstein’s Palm Beach resort aged 16 and told “you’re just so beautiful and sexy”.

What she’s said: “What happened to me occurred many years ago when I was in high school, but it still affects my life.

“I was told then that Jeffrey Epstein was going to be held accountable, but he was not.

“In fact, the government worked out a secret deal and didn’t tell me about it.

“The fact that I mattered this time and the other victims mattered is what counts.”

Maria and Annie Farmer, sisters

Annie Farmer (pictured second from right) was 16 when she was introduced to Epstein by her then-25-year-old sister Maria.

Both sisters claim that they were assaulted by Epstein and alleged “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell that year.

Annie has said on behalf of her sister Maria: “Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell not only assaulted her, but as we’re hearing from so many of these brave women here today, they stole her dreams and her livelihood.

“She risked her safety in 1996, so many years ago, to report them — to no avail — and it is heartbreaking to her and to me that all this destruction has been wrought since that time.”

Marijke Chartouni

What she’s said: “[I came forward] to be a voice to the victims who may not be able to tell their story, or at least not yet.”

Theresa J. Helm

What she’s said: “That experience for the last 17 years has been a dark corner in my story.

“So I’m here today because it is time to bring light to that darkness, and it’s time to replace that darkness with light.”

“Jane Does”

A dozen accusers testified anonymously as “Jane Doe” against Epstein at a court hearing after his death in New York.

Prince Andrew shouldn’t be allowed on any royal engagements while Epstein controversy is ongoing, biographer says